Guinsoo and Guinsoo’s Rampage Hook – The most powerful equipment duo in Preseason 2021

One of the skills that make up the general’s brand Vayne In League of Legends, it’s W – Silver Arrow with a large amount of true damage to shoot down bloody targets. So have you ever questioned what it would be like if all ADC champions had League of Legends Can anyone possess this ability? Perhaps a few staff members at Riot had the same question and they wanted to test this by creating a super cool equipment combo including the Hedgehog Hook and Guinsoo Rage at Preseason 2021.

Guinsoo’s passive and Guinsoo’s Rageblade interacted too well with each other

Regardless of the basic stats like AD, critical hit rate or attack speed, the intrinsic of these two items can be said to combine too well and create extremely strong damage. First is the Monster’s Passive, which provides a true amount of true damage interacting with bonus AD on every third attack. Meanwhile, Guinsoo’s Rageblade will activate attack effects twice for every three attacks.

This means that the Water Monster’s standard damage ability will continuously activate on enemies, after the first three attacks, when you possess Guinsoo’s Rageblade. This is a tremendous amount of damage at all times of the match because as we know, true damage directly affects the health, not being reduced through armor or magic resistance.

Guinsoo and Guinsoo s Rampage Hook The most powerful equipment duo in Preseason 2021 | Esports

In addition, the side effect of the Mythical Item possessed by Rampage Hook is to increase attack speed based on the number of Legendary items. But with the form of equipment that provides attack effects like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, the greater the attack speed, the more damage. Towards the end of the game, when you own many Legendary items, your damage output will only increase.

Another advantage of this equipment combo is that you do not need to build armor-piercing items to be able to find a way to take down the tanker on the opponent’s side. By themselves, these two items help you do a large amount of true damage and are enough to destroy any enemy tanker, so armor penetration is quite redundant. If you encounter champions with strong recovery, you should consider the “new” Tu Vong Reminder, if not, just add crit and defense items.

Guinsoo and Guinsoo s Rampage Hook The most powerful equipment duo in Preseason 2021 | Esports

“New” Death Reminder will be merged from Butcher’s Sword and Twin Blades so no longer allows armor penetration

There is a little note for gamers when applying this path to this item, which is to buy Guinsoo’s Rageblade first and then go to the Hook of the Water Monster. The reason for this is because the Water Monster Hook’s passive depends on you having a lot of attack speed in advance to activate the true damage effect continuously. If you get this item first, the damage output at that point will be extremely weak.

T1 Teddy proves that the duo equipped with Guinsoo’s Hedgehog Hook and Guinsoo is extremely powerful

Of course, these two items will maximize their effectiveness when used by champions with built-in attack effects. However, without this, the two items have already strongly interacted with each other. Because of that, most ADC champions can use the duo of Guinsoo, Guinsoo, perhaps except for a few special cases like Ezreal, Jhin or Senna. This can be considered as the most powerful equipment duo at the moment in the Preseason 2021.

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