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GTA 6 fans count down the day this super product appears, waiting for Rockstar to speak up

Grand Theft Auto fans are excited about the rumors of spinning GTA 6, so when a livestream called ‘GTAVI’ was posted on the internet with a countdown and the GTA 6 logo appeared, immediately. The excitement has been blown up in this legendary series of passionate gamers.

Fans have been following Rockstar’s movements throughout March, due to rumors that GTA will be announced on March 25, 2020. But of course, those were just baseless rumors, and the 25th day passed without any special, causing many people to be confused and disappointed. But just a few days later, an unexpected Twitch channel called GTA 6 appeared online, complete with GTA 6 logo and countdown timer.

After this was shared on social media, many, many fans crowded into each other to find out what was going on. The creator of this clip obviously has done a great deal of editing to make things look the most logical, “real”.

The clip is linked to the Rockstar website and provides additional promotion information to link your Twitch and Rockstar accounts. “Welcome to the official Grand Theft Auto VI Channel on our Twitch. In the coming days we will make official announcements

Some small errors were discovered by fans observing that this is not a “good” livestream, but just a creative product of someone else. But, the biggest troll of all is the countdown, because it takes us to the April Fool’s Day.

It seems that the creator of this livestream is hoping to make GTA 6 fans excited and attract a lot of attention when the final countdown is over, just to create an interesting joke on International Day. lie.

However, the information included in this clip seems to be true, based on previous leaks about the next Grand Theft Auto version. Many theories suggest that returning to Vice City is possible, just as it is unclear when it will take place.

GTA 6 fans count down the day this super product appears waiting for Rockstar to speak up | Game Online

On March 28, actor Jorge Consejo seemed to confirm that the game was being developed after ‘Grand Theft Auto VI (2018) was discovered on his CV. Jorge’s role is simply to come up with a rather mysterious ‘The Mexican’ title that evokes curiosity.

However, there is no exact information that shows Rockstar is developing a new version of GTA. Publisher Take-Two has said that new releases from their biggest franchise are under development, but that’s all that’s revealed. And right now, only some of the leaked information has been stirred up by the online community. We will continue to update and bring the hottest and most accurate information related to GTA 6.

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