Great Trick for Gragas – You can stun 2 or more targets with Combo Belly + Speed

Gragas Over the past few years, jungle has been extremely popular in both solo and solo League of Legends Professional with versatility, damage and extremely strong combat ability. Moreover, the skill combo of Gragas is quite simple and the gamer can get used to it easily, the most difficult skill is probably just using E – Rolling Belly + Speed ​​to reach the unexpected opponent.

After Riot Games Edit, Gragas has become an extremely stable jungler

However, recently a player “one champ” Gragas on the Brazilian server has found a new combo with this general. Instead of stunning, knocking out a person, Combos of Belly and Speed ​​can stun one more target, according to the video of the “one champ” Gragas posted on social networks, this new trick can only Used when the champion E crosses the wall, which is suitable for the jungle position.

Gragas can stun 2 or more targets with the Abdominal Roller if taking advantage of the terrain

The way to perform this combo is: When Gragas activates E – Roll Belly and is on the way to the first target, take Speed ​​when he nearly touches the enemy to the second champion you want to stun. As a result, both will be stunned. It is the case that the opponent is a 2 stand alone target, if the enemy stand close enough to each other, it can stun more people.

Great Trick for Gragas You can stun 2 or more targets with Combo Belly Speed | Esports

If the opponent stood next to each other like this, it would be normal for 3-4 people to stun

It is likely that this is the hidden mechanism of Gragas when taking advantage of the Belly Roll through the wall unexpectedly, this combo is generally difficult to perform when you can only use it when activating the E through the wall. Perhaps this is a good combo, useful in a few times but the applicability is quite low, gamers should practice the Belly + Speed ​​variation combo normally enough to push Gragas to climb the rank.

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