Great Marvel comics that fans can read before Phase 4 begins.

After the great success of Avengers: Endgame, Kevin Feige, along with his partners at Marvel studios, have announced potential projects under Stage 4. Stretching from Black Widow to Thor: Love and Thunder. With being based on many famous Marvel titles, this will be quite a new thing for those who have never read before owning a character set or story that has never been revealed in previous works. of the MCU.

Here are some good stories that fans can read before stage 4 begins:

5. Master of Kung Fu

Shang-Chi is one of the famous Asian heroes and martial arts of Marvel comic books. He is a martial arts master possessing excellent melee skills with his debut in 1973. Shang Chi’s styling and style is inspired by the martial arts legend Bruce Lee and is given the nickname “Kung Fu master” in the Marvel universe.

In the history of appearance, Shang Chi also owns its own title called Master of Kung Fu in 1974. This is a suitable story for those who want to know about the past, ideals and goals of battle. Your match. Master of Kung Fu is considered the main inspiration for the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in 2021.

4. Thor Vol.4

Actress Natalie Portman, who plays the character Jane Foster, who is no stranger to both comic fans and MCU will officially return in the fourth part of the series about the god of thunder. In the upcoming movie, she will also become a Thor when directed by the director Taika Waititi awarded Mjolnir hammer at the premiere. In the original book, Thor’s hammer symbol was once held by many characters, and Jane Foster was also among them.

Jane Foster in the beginning of Thor Vol.4 received the powerful hammer Mjolnir and became the female version of the thunder god called Lady Thor. The beginning of this story will be an ideal start for fans to imagine what the character image of Natalie Portman when fighting with a hammer will be like.

Great Marvel comics that fans can read before Phase 4 begins | Manga/Film

3. Hawkeye of Matt Fraction

With the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney + having the same logo as the first story composed by author Matt Fraction, this is an appropriate name that helps fans to somewhat imagine the main plot to take place in the movie. . According to the original work of Matt Fraction, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop combined to defeat the bad guys, both using the name Hawkeye.

Confronted with Kingpin, the criminal gangs and Clint himself along with good, humorous episodes make the story worthy of appearing on the list of works to read, especially for those who love Hawkeye.

Great Marvel comics that fans can read before Phase 4 begins | Manga/Film

2. Grayson’s Black Widow

Yelena Belova is one of the people who brought the title of Black Widow was first launched in 1990. In the newly released trailer of Black Widow, she and Russia’s “Captain America” ​​Red Guardian are officially introduced to the general audience and played a supporting role for Natasha Romanoff.

The Black Widow series, written by Devin K. Grayson, will be a good starting point for those who want to know more about the story surrounding Natasha Romanoff as well as about the identity of Yelena Belova.

Great Marvel comics that fans can read before Phase 4 begins | Manga/Film

1. Loki of Daniel Kibblesmith

After escaping with the space stone in Avegners: Endgame, Loki will have his own series released on Disney + service. The plot will revolve around the journey of the deceitful god in a completely different line of reality.

Loki: The God Who Fell To Earth by Daniel Kibblesmith released in 2020 will be an interesting name. The beginning of the story will bring viewers to more details about the interesting journey as well as the personality and actions of Loki. Loki: The God Who Fell To Earth will help us to make certain predictions for the upcoming Tv series.

Great Marvel comics that fans can read before Phase 4 begins | Manga/Film

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