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Great iOS games for you to fight

Sniper 3D Assassin: FPS Battle

Sniper 3D is developed in the style of first-person shooter FPS. In the game, players will use a sniper gun, aiming and taking down targets. You will conquer hundreds of different missions, collect hundreds of weapons and defeat the enemies. The game possesses very good graphics and gameplay, giving players many hours of exciting experience. This game can be summed up in a few words – it’s great gameplay, nice graphics and entertaining quests.

Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis is a game that simulates vivid, dramatic and free table tennis matches on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. On a realistic 3D graphics platform, Virtual Table Tennis players can compete online to see who is the expert of this fast-paced sport.

One of the most popular table tennis games on the App Store and Google Play with thousands of 5-star ratings. Although it has been launched for a long time in the market of mobile games in general and sports games in particular, Virtual Table Tennis is still well received by players thanks to high quality 3D graphics, realistic simulation gameplay and especially Thrilling fighting game mode.

Great iOS games for you to fight | Mobile & Social


Badland is a challenging puzzle game that takes characters through a world full of traps and dangerous dangers. The game takes place in a beautiful forest with many diverse creatures, trees and flowers. Although the forest is as beautiful as a fairy, there are many mysteries and traps. Players must control the creatures in the forest to explore and explore those mysteries and traps.

BADLAND also features a multiplayer feature, which can play up to four people on the same device. The multi-player feature is an opportunity to show the survival ability of the most talented and does not follow any rules. It is entirely possible to push your opponents into the spinning saw blade for your survival.

Great iOS games for you to fight | Mobile & Social


BombSquad is a new style bomb game with gameplay that emphasizes the teamwork, allowing up to 8 people to play simultaneously and a variety of game modes via Wi-Fi or Bluetooh connection.

Create a squad and fight against other players, what could make you more entertained through attractive graphics with unique gameplay brought by the manufacturer?

Great iOS games for you to fight | Mobile & Social

Fez: Great puzzle game on IOS

Fascinating screen puzzle game once on the Xbox 360, Fez has been ported to mobile devices, and is currently being released for free on the App Store.

With a beautiful pixel graphics platform and good music, Fez also surprised players by the combination of 2D perspective and 3D gameplay, including the ability to rotate the view 90 degrees.

Players will be allowed to rotate the world in many different angles, each time the angle is rotated, the screen will change, allowing the game to have more depth in building the ability to solve puzzles. This special ability comes from the main character’s seo magic hat, allowing control of the spatial dimensions to create paths to pass each level. The play screen is built in detail and extremely special, combined with a nostalgic soundtrack for players to enjoy.

Great iOS games for you to fight | Mobile & Social

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