Grade 5 students point out the absurdity in Journey to the West, most of us not aware of

As one of the four great novels of China, the novel Journey to the West has been adapted many times into plays, live-action films, and animated films. From the time this novel was completed (in the Ming Dynasty) So far, this work has hundreds of years of age and has a huge readership over generations. One of them is the young Sima Tu, who points out the absurdity that most of us don’t realize in Journey to the West. .

Ma Simi is a fifth-grade student at an elementary school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Since childhood, she has a special passion for topics related to “Journey to the West”. Tu Tu often watches the movie while comparing it with the original, reciting each chapter name / chapter. Perhaps this is why she found a “ridiculous” special.

The “gap” in the original work is revealed

In the Journey to the West, four Tang Tang teachers and students traveled from the Eastern Great Land to the West. The journey is extremely remote and spans many different areas. Because of such a wide range, it is certain that the habits and practices of the people in each area are different. Typically, this difference is often best expressed in terms of cuisine.

However, Tu Tu discovered that no matter where the four monks and the monks of Tang Tang went, their meals were the same, basically all have white rice, vegetables, mushrooms, wood ear , tofu and tender display (vegetarian dumplings). Tu Tu even wrote an article on the issue and posted it online, drawing quite a number of “comments” from netizens.

Grade 5 students point out the absurdity in Journey to the West most of us not aware of | Live
Grade 5 students point out the absurdity in Journey to the West most of us not aware of | Live

The text of the little girl Sima Tu

Someone said that there are 4 teachers they bring food with you? But if that was the case, perhaps the food would have run out halfway through, not enough to stand up to the day of landing in the West. Others have guessed that maybe 4 teachers and students were given alms on the journey. However, almsgiving is often the food of indigenous people. How can Western food be identical to that of the East? This is indeed not logical at all.

To solve this problem, find the solution from the author

In his essay, Tu Tu also found the solution for the unreasonable. According to her deduction, the dishes that appear in the original are mostly cuisine of the Jiangsu region. Meanwhile, the author of the novel Journey to the West – the late writer Ngo Thua An – or a writer from Hoai An area, Jiangsu province.

Grade 5 students point out the absurdity in Journey to the West most of us not aware of | Live

Novelist Ngo Thua An

In an era when there was no encyclopedia, nor was there any “sister Google” and Ngo Thua An was not a backpacker (even with the traffic conditions at that time it was very inconvenient), it could be speculated that The late writer could only describe dishes through imagination. And of course, dishes with flavors Hoai An, Jiangsu will always be thought of first.

In the end of the essay, Tu Tu also “presented the plan” for Ngo Thua An without having to go far, but still collected a lot of authentic materials to “draw dragon eyes” for the masterpiece Journey to the West. Her method is very simple and very convincing: Ngo Thua An just needs to invite those who have extensive knowledge in the field of cuisine to finish! Where is the high talented youth?

Source: jijinlong, baidu

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