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GOTECH smart car screen: Bring the value of luxury cars down to all popular cars

You may not know, cars equipped with FM radio have been around since 1952, while CD players have been born since 1984 …, but until now, they are still the main entertainment means on cars. Even in the mid-21st century, most of us are still using very “outdated” technology. Only a few super-luxury cars are favored to integrate 4G-connected smart car screens with full online entertainment features.

Of course, there is demand, there is supply, and users still have more fashionable alternatives. The automobile “toy” industry has released new screens with high functionality similar to luxury cars and easily replace the car’s zin screen in “one note”. According to Brandessence Research, for smart car screens alone, this market reached $ 6.46 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $ 15.01 million by 2025 with a CAGR of 12.8%. .

In Vietnam, the screen for cars is also a popular trend in recent years. One of the favorite brands is GOTECH smart car screen with large design such as tablets, multi-entertainment applications such as smartphones, voice control “super cool” like robot … Only with price from 7.8 to 16.5 million, no need to be a giant or an elite, users can still go to the GOTECH screen to bring the value of luxury cars down all popular cars.

It is clear that after the exterior design, the screen is the biggest difference between the luxury and mid-range segment when breaking into the interior. It is this department that has created the class for expensive Tesla or Lexus 570 cars with a price of 9 billion VND, which are famously on social networks. And that is also the reason why GOTECH has released 4 screen versions so that everyone can experience a ‘quality’ entertainment space while driving, with just a small investment at hand.

GOTECH smart car screen Bring the value of luxury cars down to all popular cars | Tech ice tea

CEO Nguyen Van Dong of GOTECH said that the company not only wants to catch up with the times but also must become a leader in technology innovation, bringing the experience of mid-range users to a new level. Therefore, GOTECH smart car screen has been equipped with outstanding technologies in cars during the past decade. If the Full HD screen is the appearance, the Android 10.0 operating system is the “soul” and the high-life 8-core CPU chip is the “heart” to pump hot blood to the whole device.

The GOTECH screen possesses a high pixel density 1280×720 HD resolution, the size extends up to 10 inches, not only highlighting the modern elegance of the car interior, but also transforms the enjoyment of a full set Movie in the car is no longer a fantasy anymore. The 8-core chip is as high as high-end smartphones, increasing the experience of touching and touching and running “deliciously” in heavy entertainment applications. Meanwhile, the virtual assistant GOTECH Assistant is an artificial intelligence software developed by the company.

GOTECH smart car screen Bring the value of luxury cars down to all popular cars | Tech ice tea

Like Aladin controlling the genie with a hand rub, the owner of the car can also order the GOTECH screen to do all the tasks with just a button call on the steering wheel or touch the G point on the screen very conveniently. GOTECH can install Youtube, Netflix, VTV Go, Zing Mp3, Spotify… for online entertainment; or integrating software Vietmap S1, Google Maps, Navitel … help car owners to go anywhere without worrying about getting lost. But the most interesting thing is that these tasks can be opened and closed easily and controlled entirely by Vietnamese voice.

Put users at the center of all technological advances, GOTECH smart car screens can also integrate all dash cams, reverse cameras, 360 cameras and tire pressure sensors … to become devices ” All in One “helps car owners drive safely. Not only beautiful and luxurious, GOTECH also makes your car truly smart.

Mid-range cars are often cut off expensive gadgets. However, the smart screen GOTECH has opened the door of modern connection, bringing new “vitality”, a more comfortable experience for ordinary car users. With outstanding configuration and breakthrough utilities that bring more value than the money spent, GOTECH screen is now considered a “hot” accessory that many car owners choose to install to elevate the level for yourself as well as your car.

Product warranty 1 for 1 within 2 years. Sign up for a free 30-day trial via hotline 1900.633.642 or website:

Contact GOTECH Production and Trading Joint Stock Company:

– Hanoi Office: Level 1, Building B3, Thang Long International Village, Tran Dang Ninh Street, Cau Giay District.

– Ho Chi Minh City Branch: No. 5, Street 16, Trung Son residential area, District 7.

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