Google’s new filter allows you to easily transform into masterpieces by legendary painters around the world

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous painters in the world in the 19th century, with works of life still celebrated today such as Starry Night or self-portrait. (Self-Portrait). He is also an endless source of inspiration for many generations of artists who follow, and many people are influenced by van Gogh’s painting style.

Recently, Google has updated a new filter called Art Filters for its Arts & Culture app, allowing users to transform into characters in van Gogh’s top-notch works as well as many other legendary artists. Specifically, this feature will use 3D augmented reality filters to recognize, record and recreate your face on an artificial object. It will also carefully track head movements as well as facial expressions for the best adjustments.

The new filter of the Google Arts & Cultrue application allows users to transform into the most famous works of art in the world, even with extremely smooth animations.

For example, if you choose to filter the painting Self-Portrait by van Gogh, you will immediately become the main character in this painting, in the correct style, with the pen style that the great painter created. 1 century ago. Even more miraculously, when you move or change facial expressions, this painting will also move, not as quiet as the exhibition products that we often see today.

To use this feature, simply open the Google Arts & Culture app (currently available on both Android and iOS platforms). Then, click the camera icon at the bottom and choose Art Filter to access the treasure trove of painting styles you want to use. You can then take a photo or video as you normally would, and the captured image will be transformed into the style you selected above.

Google s new filter allows you to easily transform into masterpieces by legendary painters around the world | Live

Not only Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait painting, this app also provides a lot of other filters for users to freely choose and use.

Besides van Gogh, the user can also use many other styles, such as the picture of a Mysterious Girl by Johannes Vermeer. Not only applies to painting, but the new feature of Google Arts & Culture also becomes attractive to many other fields. For example, historians can try wearing virtual Samurai hats, or a beautiful necklace from ancient Egyptian civilization. In addition to providing impressive images, Google also brings useful information, historical stories behind these filters.

Google considers the new feature of the Arts & Culture app to be an effective educational tool, combining learning and playing to create excitement and avoid boredom. This is also an effective method to help users learn and interact with historical monuments more vividly and safely in the context of the Covid-19 translation that forces many large museums to close indefinitely. .

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