Googlers positive for Covid-19

According to Bussiness Insider, Google restricts employees to Italy, Iran, Japan and South Korea because of the outbreak of Covid-19 in these countries. Meanwhile, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed to The Verge about asking employees to postpone any unnecessary trips, including domestic trips.

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Both companies had previously stopped flying to China. Google temporarily closed offices here from the end of January 2020. A Google spokeswoman said an employee in Zurich, Switzerland was diagnosed positive for Covid-19.

In an email to employees, Amazon’s Senior Vice President Dave Clark informed employees not to hold meetings that require relocation until at least the end of April 2020. Amazon is one of the largest customers in the aviation industry. In 2017, the e-commerce firm bought $ 220 million in airline tickets. In addition, Amazon will cancel all live interviews and will replace with video chat.

In another development, the 2020 Game Developers Conference (GDC) – the world’s largest annual video game event – was postponed until the summer due to Covid-19. GDC 2020 is expected to take place from March 16 to March 20. The organizers said after thorough discussion with their partners, they had to make this decision. It is unclear when the new event will be held. Before the decision to suspend, a series of large exhibitors such as Facebook, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Epic Games withdrew from GDC 2020.

Earlier this month, Facebook also canceled the Global Marketing Conference and the F8 Developer Conference because of Covid-19 concerns. The 2020 Genava Motor Show international car exhibition today announced its cancellation for the same reason.

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