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Google Photos will no longer save photos for free from June 2021

After 5 years of providing free “high quality” image backup, Google Photos said last night that it would start charging storage fees for accounts using the 15GB limit. original intention.

This change will begin June 1, 2021, and the same policy changes will apply to Google’s word processing services, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard. Data of these services will also be charged to the storage capacity of Google Drive and when the 15GB limit is exceeded, you will have to pay fees or delete data for continued use. In addition, Google also announced a data deletion policy for accounts that have not logged in for at least 2 years.

Even so, any images and documents uploaded before June 1 won’t count towards this default 15GB. Only images and documents uploaded after 1 June will begin to be charged from default storage.

Previously, if you uploaded original images to Google Photos, their data would be charged to the default storage capacity of Google Drive. But if you choose to upload “high quality” photos – the images are automatically compressed by Google – their data doesn’t count towards the above storage.

Google’s announcement also says that Pixel phone users can still post free, free high-quality photos to Google Photos after June 1, 2021. This is possibly the biggest plus to buy. Google Pixel phones.

Google Photos will no longer save photos for free from June 2021 | ICT News

The company says it will send an alert to users when default storage is low. Google also launched a new set of storage management tools in Google Photos, including a tool to help you find and delete blurry photos or screenshots.

However, what caused Google to go about this change? Chances are this is part of Google’s effort to push people to sign up for the Google One hosting service. In addition, as Google explains, “with more than 4 trillion photos being stored on Google Photos, and 28 billion new photos and videos uploaded every week,” the service needs to be maintained. lasting.

Currently, the price of Google One hosting services remains unchanged. Starting at $ 1.99 / month (for Vietnam it’s 45,000 VND / month) for 100GB of storage, $ 2.99 / month (for Vietnam it’s 69,000 VND / month) for 200GB, $ 9.99 / month (for Vietnam it is 225,000 VND / month) for 2TB and up to 149.99 USD / month for 30TB of storage.

Google Photos will no longer save photos for free from June 2021 | ICT News

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