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Google may have to sell its Chrome browser

In the past few months, there have been many investigations into the activities of US technology companies, and Google is not on the exception list. The US Department of Justice, along with state attorneys, are taking tough steps in the antitrust investigation against Google. According to some sources, the US Department of Justice is considering forcing Google to sell the Chrome browser and part of its lucrative advertising business.

This request was made by the US Department of Justice as the war of antitrust investigation against Google is becoming increasingly tense. If this decision is passed, it will likely be the first time in decades that a US court has ordered a certain action to be taken against a company.

Google may have to sell the Chrome browser if a court ruling is passed

According to insiders, the authorities are still discussing cutting Google’s control of the $ 162.3 billion global digital advertising market. The final verdict has not been announced at the moment, however, prosecutors will likely require industry experts, competitors and other media to take concrete measures to weakening Google’s control.

And yet, the US Justice Department is also preparing another antitrust lawsuit accusing Google of abusing control of the online search engine market. The complaint is likely to be filed next week. Currently both Google and the Justice Department declined to comment.

Google has too much control over the search engine market

The US Government Antitrust Subcommittee recently announced that Google has created a huge monopoly empire. This includes prioritizing services and products developed by Google itself and blocking services from third parties and other competitors, thereby creating a huge monopoly in all markets. from advertising segment to providing public mapping services. The report also pointed out that the cloud services segment and the Fitbit acquisition could partly strengthen the Google empire.

“Google has absolute dominance in the online search engine field, accounting for 81% and 94% of search queries from computers and mobile devices in the United States, respectively.”, the report said.

Google may have to sell its Chrome browser | ICT News

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google testifies before a US House Judiciary Committee investigation into political allegations in Google search results.

The Committee recommends that Congress amend the antitrust law to force tech companies to separate some of their businesses and make it harder to buy other companies.

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