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Google Maps is officially back on the Apple Watch, already featuring directions

Google has fulfilled its promise since August of bringing the Google Maps app back to the Apple Watch, after being removed in 2017. Currently the Google Maps app is available and available for download. for use on any Apple Watch.

Google Maps first landed on the Apple Watch in 2015, but was later removed by Google in 2017 for no reason.

Notable features of Google Maps on Apple Watch are mileage estimation and step-by-step directions, with stored locations. The new version of Google Maps does not allow you to search for a new place on the watch.

For new places that aren’t already saved on your Apple Watch instead, you’ll need to use your iPhone to get started before you can continue directions on your Apple Watch. So Google Maps on the Apple Watch offers a fairly basic experience, but it’s great if you’re bored using Apple Maps.

Google Maps is officially back on the Apple Watch already featuring directions | Digital toys

To be able to install Google Maps on Apple Watch, you must also first update Google Maps on iPhone to the latest version 5.52. Then visit here to download apps from the Apple App Store.

While the Google Maps app is back on the Apple Watch, a few other apps have abandoned Apple’s watchOS platform for unknown reasons. Twitter or Amazon, for example, is still not back on Apple’s smartwatches.

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