Google launches Chrome browser for Macs running the Apple M1 chip

Google recently released an updated version of its Chrome browser for Macs running M1 chipsets based on Apple’s newly released ARM architecture. On the Chrome desktop browser download page, Google offers two options for users to choose from: Chrome for Intel x86_64 chipsets and Chrome for Apple chips.

If you download the Intel Chrome version of Google Chrome on a Mac running the M1 chip, of course it will still run normally through the Rosetta 2 emulator tool, but will not be optimized for Apple chipset and may experience bugs during emulation. Now with the “native” version of Chrome for Apple Silicon, users can use the browser directly without going through the Rosetta 2 engine.

Google launches Chrome browser for Macs running the Apple M1 chip | Mobile

The processing performance of the Chrome browser on different platforms (higher score is better), respectively: Safari on Mac Mini M1, Chrome M1 on Mac Mini M1, Chrome x86_64 on Mac Mini M1 (via Rosetta 2 ) and Chrome on Windows (HP Elitebook running Ryzen Pro 4750U chip)

However, in the Chrome file for Mac running the M1 chip, Google includes a version for Intel x86_64. That is, users can download the version for the Apple chip but can still function normally on other Intel-based machines. This is also the reason that Chrome files for Macs running Apple chips are up to 165MB, while the Intel version is only 96MB. It is not clear why Google had to split up 2 such downloads.

Previously, Google also released Chrome 87 for other platforms, bringing a series of significant changes in processing performance.

If you are using a Mac running M1 chip, download the new Chrome browser now this link.

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