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Good price electronics to hunt in the Work From Home season

Since then, the demand for work and leisure activities at home of people has also increased. Consequently, there is a desire to upgrade, renovate, and purchase household appliances, with the desire that your home will be modern and convenient but still have to be the most economical.

Interested and understanding the needs of customers, Samsung has partnered with Shopee to bring users shopping events Samsung Brand Bargains at the official Samsung booth on Shopee – where users can freely shop at home the genuine, prestigious, quality electronic products at extremely economical prices and many attractive offers.

In more detail, when accessing and shop at genuine Samsung stores on Shopee Mall during the Shopee Super Brand Day shopping event from April 7 to April 9, users can freely select and shop many of the latest genuine electronic products of the year. 2020 such as TVs, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, washing machines, phones … with discounts up to 50%, not to mention users also enter a lot of discount codes.

In addition, users can “Peace of mind shopping” at home in this #Stayhome season with many practical incentives such as: Delivery policy, genuine warranty warranty from Samsung with a minimum period of one year. Moreover, grasping the needs of customers, particularly this Sale Shopee Super Brand Day when buying products on the official Samsung booth, users will be completely free shipping costs, including installation. put. In particular, in this difficult economic season, Shopee users still easily own quality products from Samsung that I like with many attractive shopping support programs such as: Installment payment policy 0%, enjoy super shocking deals up to 50%.

Out of all the attractive and useful products of the monumental sale that Shopee collaborates with Samsung this time, let’s take a look at the outstanding products, worth buying in this Shopee Super Brand Day event!

Ultimate entertainment with 70-inch TU7000 Smart UHD 4K Smart TV (Model 2020) available only at Shopee Mall

The 58-inch TU7000 Smart UHD 4K Smart TV (a brand new addition of 2020) is integrated with Samsung’s Crystal Processor 4K image technology, which includes a Crystal Display color band to immerse you in every brilliant frame with The vast color gamut provides a surprisingly vivid viewing experience, and the Crystal 4k processor is capable of reproducing 16bit 3D color maps to optimize display colors for beautiful frames. The 4K upscaling feature eliminates noise and improves detail, superior image reproduction, and 4K focus. For the visibility of the 58 inch Smart TV TU7000 becomes top notch, vivid, sharp.

Good price electronics to hunt in the Work From Home season | Digital toys

This is one of Samsung’s worthwhile upgrades right now because it has an extremely streamlined 3-sided bezel design with ultra-thin screen edges like a pure, elegant picture to adorn it. Your space with Ambient Mode wallpaper mode.

In addition to basic features such as Smarthub, screen mirroring and smart control, this TV also supports many advanced features such as HDR 10+, Game Enhancer and SmartThings and virtual assistant, Multi Voice voice search, support. Connect with AirPlay 2 & Apple TV to connect and play content from Apple devices to the big screen.

Especially, from April 7 to April 9, when buying Samsung products at Shopee Mall, users are also offered a very attractive price of VND 12,990,000 (down VND 5 million compared to the listed price).

Front-loading washing machine Samsung Inverter 8kg – For gentle washing

Front-load washing machine Samsung Inverter WW80J54E0BX / SV (8kg) has the right volume for the majority of households, for optimal washing ability with Eco Bubble technology to help keep clothes clean, clean and dust-free. dirty. With the push of a button, the Bubble Soak feature eliminates the most stubborn stains, quickly dissolving detergent to create many bubbles that penetrate deeply into each fabric, so that the clothes are washed perfectly and effectively. .

Good price electronics to hunt in the Work From Home season | Digital toys

In addition, clothes will be cleaner with steam cleaning technology and 15-minute quick washing program for added convenience. Moreover, Samsung washing machines are equipped with a child lock mode, with just one button operation to start the mode, you can feel secure when children accidentally contact the machine, preventing children from making the wrong actions. Washing machines result in unworkable load or excessive consumption of electricity and water.

Frontal washer Samsung Inverter WW80J54E0BX / SV (8kg) is also famous for its luxurious high-class design suitable for multi-family interiors with luxurious black material, and elegant Crystal Door, Samsung washing machine create subtle accents for laundry space indoors. The handle is designed to be tilted at an angle of 45 degrees higher for easy and comfortable use.

It also provides durable use with self-cleaning mode, diamond washing tub and Digital Inverter Digital Technology of European standards without electric brushes, helping the machine operate efficiently, durable, reduce noise Compared to conventional engines – accompanied by an 11-year warranty.

And in this program, the preferential price is only 7,990,000 VND and if Shopee voucher is applied, the remaining price is 7,690,000 VND for a Samsung front-loading washing machine that is both effective and luxurious.

Samsung 2-liter vacuum cleaner – Cleaning the house is no longer an obsession

The strong point of the Samsung VC18M3130V1 / SV vacuum cleaner is the stable suction power of the turbine with a non-twisting operation mechanism, the maximum power of up to 1,800 W and the 360W suction power helps users to suck away the dirt, even indoor garbage in a snap. Garbage containers of up to 2 liters are comfortable to clean the whole house in a single suction.

Good price electronics to hunt in the Work From Home season | Digital toys

Strong performance but moderate size VC18M3130V1 / SV. Vacuum design firm handle, anti-slip, feels comfortable to use. You can easily adjust every movement to everywhere without getting tired or dropping the handle. In addition, the design of the pipe connection is not tangled when you turn, easy to remove and clean when used.

The preferential price for this device is 1,399,000 VND and if the voucher from Shopee is only 1,299,000 VND, the price is too good to own for your house.

Above are some outstanding products in this sale. And yet, when buying Samsung products at its official booth on Shopee Mall, customers with lucky orders every day will receive great value gifts such as Samsung’s 3-in-1 wireless vacuum cleaner, the machine front washing washing Samsung Inverter Addwash 9kg, or even the newly launched Samsung 4K UHD 65-inch Smart TV has just launched TU7000.

And there are many very shocking offers waiting for users at the genuine Samsung booth on Shopee Mall from April 7 to April 9! Located home to buy electronics but also cheaper than the street, quickly visit Shopee to learn and decorate your home with the latest modern products from Samsung with extremely reasonable prices and lots of Attractive offers for more comfortable and enjoyable life.

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