‘God of War’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters

After decades of efforts to produce movie projects adapted from video games but did not get positive results, major studios have begun to turn to TV series – a fertile land full of potential. few years recently. This is considered a reasonable move, because blockbuster games often have complex scripts and are difficult to condense in a movie, usually only about 2-3 hours in duration.

Currently, there are many series of game adaptations being made by big brands. Including the animated series Castlevania by Netflex, Halo by Paramount+, or The Last Of Us of HBO, the project was just released on January 16 and is receiving very high praise from critics as well as the mass audience. And that’s just the beginning of a future filled with TV series inspired by the world’s top gaming franchises.

Assassin’s Creed

After the failure of the Assassin’s Creed movie project in 2016, it was Netflix’s turn to try the second largest franchise in this gaming village – Photo: Internet.

Assassin’s Creed was once brought to the silver screen in a movie project in 2016. However, the first attempt at adapting the sci-fi game genre inspired by real historical events failed to succeed. successful as expected, with a box office revenue of only nearly 241 million USD. This film also encountered mixed reviews from the fan community of Assassin’s Creed despite the presence of famous actor Michael Fassbender.

Before the movie was released, Ubisoft was in talks with Netflix to produce an animated series for their hit game franchise. By 2020, Netflix has revealed that they are working on many projects Assassin’s Creed variety, including a live-action work, an anime series, and an animated series. Recently, some sources said that producer Jeb Stuart had pulled out of the live-action TV project because of creative disagreements.


 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

Fallout is Amazon Prime Video’s ambitious TV project – Photo: Internet.

Fallout is the popular science fiction, post-apocalyptic game series by Bethesda Softwork. In recent versions, Fallout has given players a completely open world, with a variety of dialogue and action options to create the most diverse and unexpected experience. And soon, Fallout will be adapted into a television series under the hands of Amazon Prime Video.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet, writer of Tomb Raider and Captain Marvel, has been “chosen to send gold” to the role of main producer of the film. Fallout. Meanwhile, Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell will also join the series in undisclosed roles. The photo above is the first teaser that Amazon announced in October 2022.

Mass Effect

 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

Besides Fallout, Mass Effect is also a big project adapted from Amazon’s game – Photo: Internet.

Similar to Fallout, Mass Effect is also a game franchise deep enough in terms of plot, world and characters to be able to become a TV blockbuster. This cosmic RPG series revolves around the player-created Commander Shepard during mankind’s exploration of space. On the journey to unite the races to fight a common enemy, Shepard will meet and associate with many different characters, with different personalities and goals.

In 2021, EA and Amazon conducted many negotiations regarding copyright to produce a TV series based on Mass Effect. Amazon hopes to be able to expand the already huge world of this series, and also has high expectations for its adaptation project. Although the negotiation process is quite active, so far, they have not made any official announcement regarding the production. Mass Effect.

Alan Wake

 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

Alan Wake may become AMC’s new “gold mine” after The Walking Dead era – Photo: Internet.

Game title Alan Wake had a spectacular comeback with a remake in 2021 and once again brought the horror-inspired colors of Twin Peaks back to the world gaming community. This return makes even more sense when Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that it will produce a sequel game in 2023, along with a spin-off TV series developed by AMC.

In fact, Remedy Entertainment has been working with Contrarian Films on this adaptation since 2018, based on the plan. Alan Wake 2 old. In 2022, the copyright of Alan Wake was sold to AMC, which is also working to bring the fascinating mysteries of this series to the small screen.


 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

Knuckles will own its own TV series after the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog series – Photo: Internet.

In recent years, Sonic the super-fast hedgehog has had an excellent breakthrough thanks to the Sonic Frontiers game and the unexpected success of the animated blockbuster. Sonic the Hedgehog. This is perhaps also why Paramount Pictures has decided to expand this franchise, with a spin-off series dedicated to the character Knuckles, voiced by Idris Elba. Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

As expected, this series will be released in 2023, but a specific time has not been determined. Also, another unrelated anime series called Sonic Prime was released by Netflix in December 2022.

Life is Strange

 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

The emotional story in Life is Strange will soon be brought to the small screen thanks to Hulu’s production team – Photo: Internet.

Life is Strange of Dontnod Entertainment once caused a fever in the gaming community thanks to its lovely characters and engaging storyline with many thoughtful choices. Unlike other stories that are heavy on effects, Life is Strange could easily turn into a TV series thanks to its already overly logical and compelling script.

Hulu is the unit that won the battle for the rights to produce the series Life is Strange. In 2021, they announced musician/singer Shawn Mendes will be the producer of this TV project. This can be considered a good sign for Life is Strange, The reason is because the original game series used to bring a lot of catchy music to gamers. However, at the moment, it is difficult to say whether this series will retell the original story of Max and Chole or exploit a different and fresh script.

A Plague’s Tale

 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

A Plague’s Tale will be a new breeze in the post-apocalyptic film series – Photo: Internet.

While the games selected for film adaptation are all established and big-name brands, A Plague’s Tale still a fairly new face in the gaming community. This game tells the story of two sisters Amica and Hugo de Luna and their journey to survive after a plague broke out and devastated France in the 14th century.

Series adapted from A Plague’s Tale was announced in early 2022 and is “driven” by French director Mathieu Turi and producers Mediawan, Asobo and Focus Entertainment. The series will also be filmed in France to stay true to the original. Up to now, however, A Plague’s Tale No specific release date has been set yet.

Twisted Metal

 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

NBC Peacock will bring audiences back to their childhood with a series adapted from the Twisted Metal “shooting car racing” series – Photo: Internet.

In recent years, Sony has become a major force in the development of projects adapted from video games. In just the past year, they have released the movie Uncharted and the TV series The Last Of Us, both of which are particularly popular brands in the gaming world. In August 2023, they will release a project based on the game Gran Turismo cult.

Besides, Sony is also actively developing a series of movies based on the once-popular “shooting racing” game brand, Twisted Metal, slated for release on the Peacock platform. This movie will feature stars such as Stephanie Beatriz, Anthony Mackie, Thomas Haden Church, Richard Cabrel, and Samoa wrestler Joe – who will be in charge of the popular Sweet Tooth character. This project closed in August 2022 and is likely to be released this year.


 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

Sony’s new hit game brand will soon be adapted into a TV series by Netflix – Photo: Internet.

Sony’s latest popular game franchise, Horizon, will also be adapted into a TV series in the near future. The story of a post-apocalyptic world filled with sentient machines with the same behavior as animals in both prehistoric and modern times is too good material for a sci-fi movie. The main character of this series is Aloy, who discovers a mysterious device of the “Old Ones”, which gives her a vast amount of information and diverse perspectives on the world around her – the world she will must rescue.

This TV project is still quite new because it was just announced by Netflix in early 2022. All we know now is Horizon will be developed by Steve Blackman, who has served as a screenwriter and producer on works like Fargo nice The Umbrella Academy.

God of War

 God of War Assassin s Creed and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters | Living

God of War is one of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular TV projects – Photo: Internet.

God of War is one of the most famous and oldest game franchises of Sony, with its attraction that has not shown any signs of cooling down until now. This series of games has taken players in the footsteps of Kratos, through the fascinating stories of Greek mythology, and most recently Norse mythology.

In December 2022, Sony officially “green light” for a TV project adapted from God of War. Some information suggests that this series will be set in the Nordic era, with a script by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Rafe Jenkins, producer of The Wheel of Time, was selected for the role of showrunner of God of War. Meanwhile, Cory Balrog, creative director of the original series, will serve as one of the series’ lead producers.

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