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God of Power Exodia – God of Destruction Obelisk: The strongest in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you are an ardent fan of Yu-Gi-Oh comic book series, you definitely cannot ignore two names: Exodia, also known as the God of Power as well as Obelisk – the god of destruction. These are probably the two “physical” cards in the series, in terms of their appearance, as well as their true strength, but have you ever wondered, if there is a chance to duel, which god will it win

Exodia’s background

Exodia, the god of power, is known as the most badass combination in the first part of the series. It can even be said that this is a card that can determine the victory or defeat of the match in a note. If ever played Yu-Gi-Oh game on the PC version, the player also won immediately, if summoned Exodia.

But to be able to unleash the power of magic is not easy. You need to have all 5 pieces, your hands and feet shackled, along with the head of Exodia. With all 5 cards in hand, Exodia will automatically be summoned.

In the series, Exodia’s attack and defense power is limited to the two words “infinite”. Ie infinite merit and infinite manual. So it is not strange that just a slight flick of Exodia is enough for Kaiba’s Blue-Eyed White Dragon trio to smoke. Even the image of the God of Power is also impressed by the author’s simulation, with a huge size, surpassing other monsters.

Obelisk, the god of destruction

However, Obelisk – the God of Destruction appearing in Part 2 of the series is not a medium, as this is Kaiba’s god, and is also the key to bring him to convincing victories.

God of Power Exodia God of Destruction Obelisk The strongest in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

To summon Obelisk, Kaiba must sacrifice two low-level monsters. But it is totally worth it, when the attack and defense of the god Obelisk reaches the 4000 mark. And in card games, when the player’s base point is only 4,000, a straight attack Obelisk’s face was more than enough to end the match.

In terms of appearance, the god Obelisk also appeared equally impressive, even somewhat ahead of Exodia. On the one hand because the drawings in part 2 of the author’s series have become more beautiful and vivid, partly because Obelisk is the first god to appear in the 3 gods list of part 2 of Yugi Oh.

On the outside, many people even think that Obelisk is more suited to the image of a dark devil than a god, when he was designed to shape with black wings, horns and extremely cruel face. But it is undeniable that Obelisk is also famous as the “force” monster name, suitable for Kaiba’s devoted attack style.

God of Power Exodia God of Destruction Obelisk The strongest in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Although Obelisk could not help Kaiba win against Yugi later, it was the key, when combined with Yugi’s dragon god Osiris to defeat Marik’s Ra convincingly.

The fight with Obelisk and Exodia will probably never happen, because the story could not take place in such a way. Therefore, it is difficult for us to know who won and lost in this fantasy match.

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