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Gia Lai: Investigating hot clips between teachers and grade 12 girls

On January 15, the Department of Education and Training of Gia Lai said that it is coordinating with the Duc Co District Police to investigate and verify the video being spread on social networks recording the sex scene between teachers and girls. grade 12 of a high school in the area.

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Initial information, the teacher in the sensitive clip named L.V.K, is working at a high school in the area of ​​Duc Co district. After the hot clip was released, the school arranged Mr. K. to another job, no longer takes classes, and sent a preliminary report to the Department of Education and Training of Gia Lai Province.

The Duc Co district police also invited Mr. K. to work for clarification.

In response to the incident, Mr. K. confirmed that the male character in the hot clip is himself. Mr. K. explained, the clip was returned to him and stored in a computer, an employee opened the computer to discover the clip, so he posted it online.

Reportedly, Mr. K and his wife divorced. Currently the incident is clarified by the authorities.

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