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Genuine accessories plummeted 49% to welcome Tet at FPT Shop

Welcoming the New Year of the Ox 2021, a series of genuine accessories with famous brands in the world such as Anker, UME Travel, i.Value, … are being deeply reduced by 49% at FPT Shop from now to February 16. Right now, you can freely buy many quality products with the cheapest price ever from only VND 79,000.

Specifically, all backup chargers of the brand i.Value are immediately reduced by 49%, the price is only from 204,000 VND. At the same time, European quality standard power bank UME Travel is also being reduced by up to 30% at FPT Shop. Specifically, you get up to 20% off when you buy 4 other accessories in the perfect combo, and an additional 10% off when paying through Moca wallet on Grab app It is known that the backup charging products at FPT Shop have gone through a strict manufacturing process, have a high-quality explosion-proof battery core and integrated power protection IC, ensuring absolute safety when used. Technology users can refer to some of the most prominent power banks at FPT Shop such as: UME Travel SKY10000, UME Travel SEA10000, i.Value MTP10007, … to take with you in the upcoming spring trips.

In addition, FPT Shop is offering up to 30% discount for customers who choose to buy the Powerport III Nano Anker A2633 fast charger. In particular, you get 10% off when paying with Moca wallet on Grab app, the new price is 360,000 dong. Plus, you get up to 20% off when you buy with 4 other accessories in the perfect combo. With a super-compact nano design, 20W capacity for fast charging optimized for devices and MultiProtect safety system, Anker A2633 will be an effective charging solution for Android smartphones, Apple products such as iPad, AirPods, Apple. Watch and especially the iPhone 12 Series.

FPT Shop discounts up to 30% for Anker A2633 charger from now to February 16.

Not stopping there, thousands of genuine cases at FPT Shop suddenly received a shocking discount, only from VND 99,000 when buying combo 3 products at FPT Shop. These are all quality cases for most of the phone brands on the market. The product has passed the rigorous quality tests such as the safety of raw materials, the color fastness of the ink, the ability to protect the machine … Not only that, the design of the panel is also very carefully taken care of. , extremely diverse, beautiful and unique, suitable for all ages, all styles of users. From cases in or a simple color to complex motifs such as flowers, cartoons, … are present here. In particular, owning an eye-catching, fateful color case also brings luck, changing the mood for the owner in the first days of the new year.

At the same time, hundreds of genuine tempered glass models for most of the merchants are priced ‘chestnut’ from only 79,000 VND. The product has a special 5-layer glass structure, meeting all requirements such as hardness up to 9H (usually 3H stickers), scratch resistance, screen protection when falling, anti-fingerprint, anti-dust. .. The material of the glass is also extremely thin, giving a very smooth feeling, without being hissed, but still does not reduce touch sensitivity. Thus, those who are in need of replacing their tempered glass panels should not miss this attractive opportunity.

To buy accessories with the most incentives from FPT Shop, you can go directly to the store, buy online now here Or call the toll-free 1800 6601 for the fastest support.

Genuine accessories plummeted 49 to welcome Tet at FPT Shop | ICT News

FPT Shop plummeted up to 49% for genuine accessories on the occasion of the New Year’s Day 2021.

Why should you buy genuine accessories at FPT Shop?

Choosing to buy technology accessories at FPT Shop, you not only get many attractive incentives but also enjoy additional support services, helping you to easily own your favorite item while using the product with peace of mind. Products. Accordingly, in addition to choosing to buy products directly at the system of more than 630 stores nationwide, you can choose to buy online, FPT Shop will deliver free door to door accessories with value from 100,000 VND.

More attractive, you get a renewal within 1 year if the purchased accessory has defects from the manufacturer, except for cases, leather cases, phone screen protectors. So, you will feel more secure when you choose to shop at FPT Shop.

All accessories at FPT Shop are genuine products and will be renewed within 12 months if there is an error from the manufacturer. Customers can choose to buy directly at the store, buy online or call the free hotline 1800 6601 for more specific advice and quick order.

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