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Genshin Impact: Why is Venti the best support character now and in the future?

Venti is a 5-star wind-type character, also known as (Anemo). Venti’s bow weapon is an incredibly lethal hit especially for head-to-head battles. Venti has the ability to identify and target an enemy’s weakness directly. Venti also has the Anemo ability to quickly dodge and withdraw from weak battles with ease.

At the moment, Venti is being rated as the best support character in Genshin Impact. However, the reason why Venti is so favored, many people still have not grasped all. Let’s learn about Venti’s ability to support through this article.

1. Explore the world easier and simpler

The first special feature of gamers who own Venti is the fact that this character possesses the ability to fly more comfortably with Thien Phu “Following the Wind”. With this ability, squad members enjoy a 20% reduction in their stamina, thereby allowing them to fly to more distant locations than squads that do not own Venti.

The second favor that Venti possesses is the skill “Cauliflower Song”. When holding this skill, it will create a wind to push Venti into the air, thereby climbing up the slope or more importantly, collecting rare items such as Lava Than Dong or Phong Than Dong. .

2. Skills to control the opponent

Genshin Impact Why is Venti the best support character now and in the future | Khám phá

Compared to many other characters, Venti is very favored when possessing 2 skills with the ability to control very strong opponents. Both the “Ca Troi Cao” and “The Poetry of the Wind” whirls the opponent up and locks the monster for a considerable amount of time, allowing the characters in the squad to freely attack the enemy without must be afraid to dodge or counterattack.

More notably, “The Poetry of the Wind” can draw an opponent inside the whirlwind, leading to the player being able to combine other attacks and create incredibly powerful elemental resonances. The ability’s uncontrolled ability is really strong, even though Venti may not be as strong in the future as the new characters, but the fact that it can combine and elemental resonances is still terrible.

3. The advantage of the element Wind

Genshin Impact Why is Venti the best support character now and in the future | Khám phá

Venti’s ultimate advantage is that this character is the main element wind, also known as Anemo. These elemental attacks deliver resonance and cause the elements to diffuse and inflict greater damage.

In addition, with a special set of holy objects called Blue Silhouette, Venti can also reduce the opponent’s elemental resistance by 40% – an extremely large number. Normally, monsters only have about 10% elemental resistance, but now it drops down to -30%, inflicting massive damage. This is what makes the character Venti the most powerful at the moment in the support role.

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