[Genshin Impact] Instructions to receive free “VIP monthly package” worth more than 100,000 VND

As you know, in Genshin Impact, Gemstone is one of the most valuable and sought-after materials. Besides being used to buy raw materials, support items, Nguyen Thach can also be used to Pray (finding new characters, genuine weapons …).

Because of the rarity of Nguyen Thach, the publisher miHoYo is currently supporting players by opening a monthly ticket called “Khong Nguyet Chuc Phuc”, the purchase price in the shop is 109,000 VND. Owners of this “VIP monthly package” will immediately receive 300 Yuan Thach and 90 Gemstones / day. This is considered one of the most useful features to assist gamers in the process of discovering Genshin Impact.

Although there are many benefits, but the price of more than 100,000 VND / month has made many gamers feel hesitant to invest. Understanding this mentality of gamers, the publisher miHoYo decided to open a big event with unlimited rewards.

Specifically, with the name “Caroline’s Adventure Supplies”, this event will give a free gift of “Khong Nguyet Cong Phuc” to gamers. The principle of the event is that for every 10 participants there will be 1 winner, for example 10,000 registrants will have 1,000 gifts, 100,000 people will have 10,000 gifts … The number of gifts is unlimited until the end. event.

 Genshin Impact Instructions to receive free VIP monthly package worth more than 100 000 VND | PC/Console

The way to participate is extremely simple. You just need access here Then log in with the game account you use. Next in the comment section, you follow the syntax: [PS4 / PC hoặc Mobile (chỉ chọn 1)] + [UID] + positive sharing about the game.

For example: [PC] + [800000001] + I love this game (Of course, this comment section will have to be written in English).

After the event ends on October 11, the publisher will sum up and proceed with the bonus draw. The results of the event will be announced on October 15 and the gifts will be delivered to gamers on October 17.

Good luck.

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