[Genshin Impact] Guide to super speed plowing to adventure level 20 in just 1 day

After recommending ways Quick play up adventurous level 7 in Genshin Impact, please continue to the tutorial to plow to level 20 most effectively. Content is done by the channel Youtube Leo TCG Mobile.

Guide to level capillary up to 20 Genshin Impact

After level 8, we can use Pure Plastic to hit the Rose Flower and to Level 12 we can do the Trust mission. These are also 2 of the activities for you to easily earn the most adventurous upgrade points.

When Level 8, we will hit the Rose Flower to consume 120 pure Plastic, because the Knowledge Progress quest will require us to hit 10 times of the Rose Flower, and probably right now Nguyen Nguyen has yet to promote anything and Farm Hoa Tang Kim is the most reasonable. Later, after leveling up the world, maybe then we will start the Boss Hunting and explore the side.

After completing the Rose Flower we begin to open the Earning Progress (Book Icon) and start Farming in this quest. Every quest completed will give us 100 experience points along with the main quest line, so doing this enough, we will level 12.

At level 12, gamers have the Adventurer’s Association Trust Missions (NPC katherine). Completing 4 delegates with a Daily Reward After completing the mandate, gamers will have a bunch of other main and offline Missions.

Here, players combine exploring and doing Quests around the time to increase the level. Picking up the divinities and sacrifices also gives us a lot of experience points. You guys remember that at level 16 we can Cooperate with other players.

And when you apply the tips above, you will definitely level up quickly on the first day. However, this is an Adventure Adventure Game, Rush level is only suitable for you specific needs, but for Normal players, Level 12 is more than enough for the early days.

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