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Gen Z and his career dream suddenly “digitized” in a very different summer

Personal brand – a measure of the capacity of the new era

No longer is a straight line to the university gate, no longer encapsulated in the familiar professions, after the “detox” period due to epidemics, the journey to conquer the career dream of Gen Z is affected more or less by the influence of social issues, requires them to seriously consider the role of personal branding as the basic foundation for career development.

From an active student, spending most of his time at school, gym or sports ground, Dong’s moving range – a student of Digital Marketing major during the social gap was encapsulated. . Having a passion for fitness, Dong spends time designing various training sections to meet his specific needs and share them with friends on social networks.

The short videos with the challenge of 100 continuous inhalations or impromptu training sessions of the East received the attention, support and suggestions thanks to the advice of exercises of relatives and friends.

Read the trend of practicing with PT online

With low cost, flexible training time, receive exercise video with online support anytime customers have questions, needs to practice with personal coaches (PT) online of students , students or office workers began to emerge as a new trend. Many Vietnamese PTs have shifted their jobs online through “online gyms” on their personal pages, actively providing useful information related to weight control, body shape through good exercises. balanced meals, to attract potential customers with health concerns. From here, they began to get used to the work of creating digital content.

Instead of investing in an expensive set of equipment including camcorders, tripods and specialized lights, PT Online can use mobile devices with cameras with built-in features to serve for filming tasks. form. A folding phone on the table helped Dong perform the exercise of controlling images without having to see and check many times. “With simple videos, I do most of the things on my phone. When I need to invest in more complex content, I prefer tablets to shoot, edit and make thumbnails convenient.” – Eastern share.

Gen Z and his career dream suddenly digitized in a very different summer | Technology iced tea

Just with a tablet or phone, you can produce professional-looking images with super wide-angle and breakthrough image quality.

In addition, these devices are also equipped with exclusive specialized editing software, to make editing easier and more convenient without using a Laptop or PC. With a multi-function interface, the device has good job management capabilities, serves multitasking users and is frequently on the move, providing a smooth, streamlined experience when operating.

Creativity is not limited by relay technology

Away from the gym and the fixed equipment, online PT is forced to use their knowledge and adaptability to show their ability and build a personal brand to find new customers. Thanks to the support of many technological devices, they have the opportunity to create more quality digital content, spread the spirit of health training, positively affect tens of thousands of followers and write. New definition of your 4.0 career.

Gen Z and his career dream suddenly digitized in a very different summer | Technology iced tea

Many modern technology devices are increasingly upgraded to empower young people to confidently lead and create trends that bear a personal impression.

With the goal of pursuing dreams and maintaining an active lifestyle in everyday life, Samsung emphasizes the role of helping users manage work and health effectively on smart technology devices, through tips. Learning, working effectively is widely shared on Samsung Explore platform.

Having hosted a series of 4.0 career workshops in order to open a forum for young people on the topics “Personal Brand 4.0”, “Borrowed Art Express” or “Professional Food Blogger From Zero”, Samsung expressed its importance. points of support and companion with the new generation of human resources, the desire to bring the technology and inspiration to do the impossible to conquer all barriers and be ready for a high jump on the path of pursuit. dream job.

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