Gen.G raised the throne himself, T1 still said ‘no’ to the self-destruct phase before DAMWON: ‘My mother taught me to do it before I ate …’

Yesterday 4/4, Gen.G Esports unexpectedly lost 0-2 to DragonX and officially dropped to 2nd place. LCK Spring 2020 by more T1 a defeat. The flag has arrived, T1 just needs to win first DAMWON Gaming is going to officially rise to monopolize the top position.

However, it seems that Faker and his teammates didn’t like the gifts given by others, so they only really kept the top 1 position if it was an achievement they achieved. Therefore, after finishing “24h challenge at the top of the LCK rankings”, T1 returned this position to Gen.G by losing to DAMWON Gaming, also with a score of 0-2.

I thought T1 would use this opportunity to monopolize the top of the table, but Faker and his teammates said no. Continuing to be the most unattractive performances of the reigning champions in game 1, they still make mistakes of moving, using sloppy moves that don’t hit the target, a common expression in recent matches.

Only thing, this time, there was no advantage, DAMWON showed overwhelming right from the laning phase, and T1’s mistakes only contributed to the game ending faster.

In game 2, things were a bit better, when T1 had played more firmly and carefully in every move, though, a superficial game was not enough for this team to create. upside down for the 3rd time in a row.

DWG continued the excitement, deployed the moves, coordinated coherently, continued to strangle T1 to bring about absolute victory with the score 2-0.

Gen G raised the throne himself T1 still said no to the self destruct phase before DAMWON My mother taught me to do it before I ate | Esports

Without an appointment to meet, two rivals, Gen.G and T1, together lost 0-2, the opportunity to occupy the top spot suddenly opened with DragonX – the team ranked third but only one win away.

It seems that playing online at a gaming house has made the spirit of Faker and his teammates somewhat distracted, as they have shown a relatively unstable face in recent rounds, and have to play very tight. despite having weaker opponents.

Another noticeable common point is that T1 tends to be easy to play against teams with strong top lanes, both HLE (Cuvee), Affeeca (Kiin) or DWG (Nuguri) have made good use of their immaturity. of Canna to make T1 “paralyzed”, and thereby completely destroy the strategy to control the map of this team’s late game.

Gen G raised the throne himself T1 still said no to the self destruct phase before DAMWON My mother taught me to do it before I ate | Esports

It seems that the top lane is T1’s critical weakness after Khan’s departure

Overall, with the current form, T1 is still the No. 1 candidate for the Korean League of Legends championship, but their gameplay is really quite difficult to step out of the international tournaments. From now on, coach Kim will also have a headache to find a new direction that is more suitable for T1, because their ambition does not just stop at the LCK championship, but also the championship cup. world after 3 years of waiting.

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