Gen.G lost to TOP Esports, the Koreans bitterly admitted: The current LPL stronghold cannot be rushed

Is the last representative of LCK, and is also the only hope of Korea after passing the group stage of Mid-Season Cup 2020 – China – Korea Great War, Gen.G Esports Foresaw the difficulties when confronted with 3 powerful names from China.

In the Semifinal 2 between TOP Esports – LPL runner-up and Gen.G Esports – Runner-up LCK, a completely different performance in class took place, when Karsa and his teammates easily destroyed Gen.G after only 3 games.

TES vs GEN Highlights ALL GAMES Day 3 Mid Season Cup 2020 Semifinals Top Esports vs Gen G by Onivia

If FPX, IG or JDG can be used as a reason to justify “Koreans still have the most influence in League of Legends in the world”, because the pillars of these 3 teams are players. In Korea, Gen.G’s defeat against TOP Esports – A team without any Koreans in the lineup, proved the fact that the LPL is far ahead of the LCK.

Of course, the 2020 Mid-Season Cup is ultimately just a friendly tournament, and the LCK fans need not be disappointed for too long. The most important issue is the weakness that Korean League of Legends teams need to draw in this tournament.

Gen.G was unable to surprise the mighty opponent from China

The LCK had to pay with failure for just a few wrong moments, and their overall playing style also became much more passive than LPL teams. There is still an immediate summer period for Koreans to find a solution to that problem, but with the correlation of forces between the two regions, the dominant position of League of Legends in the world in 2020 seems difficult. slipped from the hands of the Chinese.

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