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Garmin and its journey to becoming a leading brand in the field of smartwatches and sports equipment

The “sporting soul” in every Garmin watch

Founded in 1989, Garmin is a well-known leading corporation in the aviation, marine, automotive, outdoor activities and sports markets. For more than 3 decades, Garmin has been a leading brand with superior GPS navigation products.

From the idea – transfer the speed and distance data received from the GPS to the runner’s wrist. In 2003, the Forerunner 101 was born, not only being the world’s pioneer wrist-worn GPS training device, but also opening a new journey to accompany sports lovers of Garmin smartwatches with GPS navigation. Precise GPS and the world’s leading innovative technology today.

Forerunner 101 – the world’s pioneering wrist-worn GPS training device, born in 2003

Garmin has become the top choice for professional athletes’ wrists. The key to Garmin’s success lies in the vertically integrated management process, which is carried out in-house from development to production, so Garmin can ensure consistent product quality. . To create a competitive advantage, Garmin continuously invests in R&D activities with a proportion of 17% and focuses on building a healthy product ecosystem, along with impressive design, perfect quality, and durable battery life. Outstanding durability and absolute reliability. Since its inception, Garmin devices and watches have step by step become a companion in every moment of athletes and sports players, becoming the “soul of sport” around the globe.

Garmin watches aren’t just for athletes

Sports have become a part of life, not just on the training ground and tournaments. Previously, if Garmin watches were famous for serving athletes and professional sports players, now, Garmin has diversified its smartwatch product lines, with the goal of changing healthier, more active lifestyles for everyone.

Choosing the first generation Garmin watch from the first years of running, Mr. Tran Chung (41 years old, Hanoi), so far has always followed the development of Garmin and kept his faith in the watch brand. top sport in the world.

“In 2016, the birth of the vívomove – a pioneering smartwatch combined with a pioneering smartwatch, was born, bringing Garmin to a new page in the giant book of smartwatches. Garmin also pays great attention to integrated watches. suitable for women such as: Lily, Venu 2S… extremely flexible and fashionable design This transformation has given Garmin a new, youthful appearance, closer to the general user, but, There are things that make Garmin different: temperament and immortal sports spirit.” – Mr. Tran Chung shared more.

Garmin and its journey to becoming a leading brand in the field of smartwatches and sports equipment | Number toys

Design-focused Garmin smartwatch – A worthy choice to create your own style

Choosing Garmin as a companion, Quang Thien (27 years old, HCMC) said: “Garmin watches are not for those who follow the trend, change the watch once a year, wear it just to show off. Garmin only for those who understand its value and sportsmanship, a true companion 24/7 in all sports and physical activities.”

Talking about the Garmin Forerunner 245 in his hand, Quang Thien proudly said that from 3km per day, Thien has now been able to conquer the 42km full marathon and contribute this achievement to the 63 billion km journey – equivalent to 1,572. 013 laps of the world – by Forerunner athletes and freestylers worldwide.

Serious investment and development in Vietnam, Garmin in recent years has made many positive contributions not only to users of Garmin Vietnam but also to the community. In IDC’s latest report in Q2 2021, Garmin ranked 2nd in wearables in Vietnam.

Garmin and its journey to becoming a leading brand in the field of smartwatches and sports equipment | Number toys

Garmin products are diverse with 3 main groups: Wellness Health monitoring, Fitness (Personal fitness), Outdoor (Outdoor sports).

Sharing about the brand’s sporting mission, Mr. Ivan Lai – Regional Director of Garmin said: “Garmin makes a difference in the smart watch market by features researched and equipped specifically for sports activities, challenging the most extreme conditions. Especially the tracking feature. health is trusted by Firstbeat’s leading measurement and analysis system. We believe that Garmin has been, is and will continue to be a great companion for users in Vietnam and around the world.”

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the practice habits and further enhanced the health concern of users in Vietnam and the world. Work out at home, and use a “coach” on your wrist instead of going to the gym. But the sportsmanship and energy inside Garmin watch owners will never run out.

Celebrating 32nd birthday, Garmin Vietnam launches Launch customer appreciation program with up to 30% off on fēnix 6 series, Instinct Solar series and vívomove series from September 13, 2021 to September 19, 2021 at Garmin brand stores, distribution systems and brand sites e-commerce including Lazada, Shopee, Tiki

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