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Gamer memories: beautiful childhood and ‘the years of the students’ drawing with video games’

I was exposed to video games quite early, because my neighbors from the four-button games business. My lady really loves me, so every afternoon I can go to “play pagoda” until the evening when my mother calls me back.

At that time the definition of “clearing the island” was derived from the legendary Contra game. I played so well that I could easily pass each stage and the surrounding people could only admire it.

The simple rule: The one who goes first makes “Tra”, the one who follows makes “Con”.

Seeing that, my sister completely bought me a Nintendo Zapper (Duck Gun). So I said goodbye to the ugly hostess to start the journey … duck hunting. Whenever I got home from school, I would just run up to my room, turn on the TV and start shooting crazy ducks. But playing one game forever was boring so I started looking for net game shops.

The first game I played with my friend was Left 4 Dead 2. From there I started to make more friends instead of just playing games alone. The thing that reminds me the most is that the four guys covered each other’s blood in stages and had to die many times in the final stage game.

Gamer memories beautiful childhood and the years of the students drawing with video games | Game Online

The game has connected hobby guys together

To avoid becoming a game addict, I regularly set aside my own time by bringing the right amount to my account. At that time, the net shop only had two thousand an hour, so only ten thousand I could play pranks till afternoon.

Then the next game I played was the longest game I followed that was League of Legends. At the start of the game, I only knew the bird with a bow called Ashe, and my classmates set up a “lesson plan” to train new players like me. I started playing in season 5 and the rank I got was Gold 4. Actually it was an extremely high rank for me back then. Through League of Legends I had a private team and we played extremely close to each other.

Gamer memories beautiful childhood and the years of the students drawing with video games | Game Online

My first outfit and also my favorite champion

There were even nights when my friend and I escaped and told each other to go to school and play until after ten o’clock at night to come home. Rain, wind, or heat, I know where I can see you. Those are the most unforgettable memories. Until now we still contact and occasionally meet at the old familiar place.

Now each child is a place, one is busy making money to earn a living, the child is trying to study to have an open future. But no one was absent when he made an appointment. Although we are aloof, our students’ age together, was drawn by video games …

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