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Game making – trendy career for active young people

Therefore, the game making profession is attracting a lot of young dynamic people who love creativity and want to become a professional game developer in the future.

Fashionable careers are sought by young people

According to statistics of Pelham Smithers, in 2020, the gaming industry continues to be the top-earning media sector with more than 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. Besides, the industry’s estimated revenue is about 165 billion USD in 2020 and tends to increase exponentially in the future. Currently, Vietnam is holding its position as the largest online game market among the three Southeast Asian countries with relatively high growth rates, up to 17% per year.

Recent reports on career trends of top employers all indicate that making games is one of the industries that attracts a lot of human resources in the near future. Ms. Duong Kim Ngan – Head of recruitment department for a leading game graphics studio in Vietnam – once shared that 100% of the current game studios in the country are “thirsty” seriously. With a starting salary of up to 15 million VND per month – a desirable salary for young graduates, making games is clearly one of the hottest careers today, an opportunity for many. Young people who love the game want to live with their own passion. Mr. Duong Dang Duc Loi, founder of TEGA Studio and a game programmer at Amanotes, said that the income at Amanotes was enough for him to invest in building his own studio while pursuing. quality pure Vietnamese game projects.

Mr. Duong Dang Duc Loi (third from right) is an excellent former student of VTC Academy, currently working at the cult studio Amanotes and is the “father” of the pure Vietnamese horror game Co Blood just released trailer. in February.

Why is making games considered a profession for dynamic young people?

Being born and raised in a digital age, today’s young people have a huge advantage when they have early access to modern technologies. Therefore, they are dynamic, open, open-minded and suitable for careers related to computers and internet, which require acumen, creativity and love constant innovation. Therefore, game making has become a “bright candidate” that young people choose to pursue on their career path.

In addition, the game work also provides great opportunities for young people to freely express their personalities and aesthetic thinking, unleash their creativity and express their unique “personality”. . The reason is because creating a complete game will be a lot of challenges, requiring game makers to use all their brainpower and creativity to create attractive products that can cause a lot of challenges. Strong impression for the player right from the first time. Moreover, young people – especially Generation Z – always have a strong desire to express themselves and be recognized, and contributing to the creation of popular games loved by the community is also a dynamic. great force for them to have more desire to engage in game work and create the most satisfying mental products.

Game making trendy career for active young people | ICT News

Young people today are often passionate about jobs associated with computers, using modern software and tools, and at the same time being able to create ideas. Photo: A corner of an iMac room serving studying at VTC Academy.

Flexibility and the ability to work remotely are also an advantage of the gaming profession. In addition to the opportunity to work at major game corporations in the world, become a global citizen in the future, young people pursuing a career as a game can also choose the form of freelancer and actively arrange their time. for my work.

Where should I pursue game making?

According to Mr. Ho Nguyen Hoang Phuong, professor of Game Programming at VTC Academy, to make a complete game requires a lot of steps, from game ideas and storylines, to writing scripts for the game. Design, programming, testing, … Accordingly, the jobs in this field are also very diverse with different roles such as game designer, game character rendering artist, animator. , game programmer, … Depending on your own interests and strengths, you can choose a job that suits you in this industry. If you love creative professions, have a passion for design, you can pursue modeling or 3D animation. In contrast, positions like game designer, game programmer, tester are more suitable for those with logical thinking, love information technology, programming, …

Game making trendy career for active young people | ICT News

VTC Academy is a pioneer in Vietnam in training and providing human resources for game programming, 3D rendering for games, 3D animation for quality games.

To get the best foundation on your journey to pursue your passion for making games without spending too much time, you should start by studying majors such as Game Programming, 3D Rendering, 3D Animation at academies. as intensive as VTC Academy. At VTC Academy, the training program is designed based on the actual needs of enterprises, so the courses last only two years with full specialized knowledge and the predominant practice duration. At the end of each semester, all students can participate in practical projects with “topics” from big enterprises that are recruitment partners of VTC Academy.

Currently, VTC Academy is a provider of high quality human resources for the domestic and foreign game recruitment market with leading recruitment partners such as Google, FPT, VNG, Sparx *, Glass Egg, Bloom, Synova Group, Gameloft, Garena, Appota, Viettel, Joy Entertainment, BAD CLAY Studio, Bombus VN, VTC Game, … This is the reason why VTC Academy is always proud of the number of 100% of the students who get the job right away. After graduation, the starting salary can be up to 15 million VND / month.

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