Galaxy S21 revealed configuration parameters: Snapdragon 875 & Exynos 2100, S-Pen support, plastic case version

So up to the present time, it is only a few months away that Samsung will officially introduce the new Galaxy S21 product line, including 3 versions: Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, similar to the S20 series. released earlier this year.

Previously, many leaked information about this product line was also revealed on the websites, showing design details of the new S21 series. Recently, sources from Android Police have also revealed more important information about the hardware specifications of the Galaxy S21 trio, specifically as follows.

Hardware details of the upcoming Galaxy S21 3 models

From the above spec sheet we can see that Galaxy S21 will have 3 versions with code names O1, T2 and P3 corresponding to S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. If the above information is authentic, next year, the two “lower-end” Galaxy S21 models will be cut down considerably, especially in terms of screen when the screen of the device will reduce the resolution from 2K + to only Full HD +, however, remains the same refresh rate as 120Hz.

Meanwhile, the most advanced Ultra version will have a 6.8-inch screen, 2K + resolution, using LTPO OLED panels with compatible frequencies from 1 to 120Hz, battery life as well as camera.

In addition, according to Android PoliceGalaxy S21 Ultra will be the first S series smartphone to be equipped with S Pen support similar to the Note series. However, this pen will not come in the box, and users will have to buy it separately with a separate case to be able to keep the pen with the device.

Galaxy S21 revealed configuration parameters Snapdragon 875 038 Exynos 2100 S Pen support plastic case version | Mobile

Authentic render of Galaxy S21 / S21 +

In addition to screen differences, similar to last year, the three new S21 models will have major differences coming from the camera system. While the 2 standard versions keep the 12MP + 12MP + 64MP camera cluster, the Ultra version is equipped with up to 4 main cameras, including the 2nd generation 108M wide-angle camera, 12MP super wide-angle camera, 3x 10MP telephoto camera and a 10x 10MP telephoto camera. Some information shows that Samsung will “revive” the ability to zoom 100x zoom. In addition, the machine will also upgrade the video recording feature 8K 24fps to 8K 30fps.

Galaxy S21 revealed configuration parameters Snapdragon 875 038 Exynos 2100 S Pen support plastic case version | Mobile

Render image of the Galaxy S21 Ultra

All three new S21 will be equipped with Snapdragon 875 or Exynos 2100 chip depending on the market. It will be available in purple, pink, gray, white, black, and silver. Similar to the Galaxy Note20, sources from Android Police revealed the standard version of the Galaxy S21 will use a reinforced polycarbonate back, while the Ultra will be equipped with a premium glass back. The source above has not confirmed whether the S21 + will use a plastic back as the standard version.

Like Apple, Samsung is said to also integrate Ultrawide Band technology on the new S21 series, for the ability to support small devices called SmartThings tags (similar to Apple Airtags). This feature can be used to replace the car key or many other applications in life.

Galaxy S21-series is expected to be introduced on January 14, 2021, 1 month earlier than Samsung’s annual launch schedule.

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