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Galaxy S20 will have the same feature as AirDrop on iPhone

Recently leaked screenshots of the new Quick Share feature have revealed that this feature will allow users to “instantly share with others around”. This is a standalone feature with the AirDrop replacement tool, which Google is said to be launching on all Android devices.

The speed and ease of use of AirDrop makes it the simplest and fastest way to share data between macOS and iOS devices. And it’s no surprise that Apple’s rivals also want AirDrop for themselves.

A number of Android manufacturers have rolled out similar features. And now, the biggest name in the smartphone industry is ready to join the game.

The Galaxy S20 will have its own copy of AirDrop

Samsung will introduce Quick Share for its brand new Galaxy S20 series next month, according to XDA-Developers. Quick Share will be almost similar to AirDrop, but there is a big difference.

Specifically, Quick Share will allow Galaxy users to quickly transfer files between compatible Samsung devices. You will be able to specify whether you want to share with everyone, or only with existing people in your contacts.

One advantage of Quick Share over AirDrop is that it will allow users to share files with Samsung SmartThings devices. But those files will need to be transferred to the cloud, with a capacity limit of 1GB.

Quick Share will launch on the Galaxy S20, but will soon be available for older Galaxy devices. Support for a wide range of devices will obviously make this feature more useful to Samsung fans.

AirDrop progresses to Android

Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo – China’s largest Android manufacturers – have teamed up to bring an AirDrop replacement tool for Android, scheduled to launch next month. OnePlus also has a separate tool called FileDash.

In addition, Google is said to be developing a copy of AirDrop called Nearby Sharing – formerly known as Fast Share – and will integrate it into the original Android, which every manufacturer can use.

Android has had some quick sharing features in the past, like Android Beam that uses NFC to transfer files quickly between surrounding smartphones. However, this feature was killed last year.

Reference: CultofMac

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