Galaxy Note20: A boost for the second half of this year

At the moment, there are quite a lot of leaked information about this smartphone being released, making the technology community as well as Samsung fans extremely eager to wait for the launch day to experience it.

Although launching right at a time when the mobile business situation became gloomy when the Covid-19 epidemic was showing signs of returning, the new super product of the Samsung family was determined by the distributors to be a breeze. only boost business performance at the end of the year.

According to Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of FPT Shop’s Mobile Telecommunications Division, August and September are usually the launch time of many smartphone companies in the world as well as in Vietnam. The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is prolonged and is showing signs of returning, which makes the new mobile market recovering after the last time of separation and about to enter a new difficult period.

FPT Shop representative said that the launch of Galaxy Note20 is:It is very difficult to create the most stimulating and stimulating demand for consumption especially in the current period. “. But besides that, this also becomes “The motivation for the market to keep the same level as the previous year, and ready to rebound when the economy flourishes, demand increases again “.

Galaxy Note20 A boost for the second half of this year | Mobile

Because this is a very special product with clear customer positioning, throughout the years from the company. This is also the strength of owning a loyal customer base when the new product also gives the Galaxy Note20 an advantage over rivals when it launches at the present time.“- Mr. Kha said.

Keeping an optimistic view, the representative of CellphoneS retail chain said: “The Galaxy Note20 is one of the most important flagship products of the year and always brings excitement to the market in the second half of the year“The reason for this judgment is also because a part of Galaxy Note not only owns the most advanced technology but also launches at the right time almost no worthy Android competitor. Not only that.”The main object of Galaxy Note is a group of high-income and loyal customers who upgrade their products every year with the most advanced option.“should help this smartphone in some way.

Concurrently, the representative of Vietnam Mobile Store also said that the Galaxy Note20 is a smartphone “stir, creating a freshness for technology village at this time“Evaluation of this year’s new super product through the leak information this said.”The new Note 2020 has all the superior features of a top flagship. High-class luxury design, solid configuration at the forefront, the Spen pen makes the brand. It is not difficult to guarantee that it will be an item that technology players want to own.

Galaxy Note20 A boost for the second half of this year | Mobile

Assessing the situation of the mobile market in the near future, both distributors CellphoneS and Mobile Viet have a common comment. “With the disease coming back like the last few days, the situation of the mobile market in the second half of this year will be very difficult and volatile, depending very much on the ability to control the disease” – representative CellphoneS said. Along with that, Vietnam Mobile side has a more pessimistic view when it is determined that this situation will be “not want to be said to be bad for business people”.

Although the current social situation greatly affects consumer sentiment in general, the Galaxy Note20 reservation volume is a bright spot showing encouraging signs. Mobile Vietnam representative said: “Fortunately, the amount of new Note deposits in our system is very positive, also because part of the incentives at the system is quite attractive to customers. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of interested visitors did not spike, but it did not decrease compared to last year’s Note 10 and 10 Plus.“.

Galaxy Note20 A boost for the second half of this year | Mobile

For retailer CellphoneS, the number of pre-orders of Galaxy Note20 is still relatively good compared to the set plan. “However, the Covid translation back in the last 1-2 days is causing difficulties for the ordering program, launch event, techoffline and open sale this year.“. Representative of CellphoneS also said:”This year with leaked information, the loyal customer group was quite excited with the premium version – the most advanced.

This is shown “.According to current orders, customers are focusing more on a model called the special edition, the most advanced Note 20 series similar to the trend of previous years. Vietnamese users prefer to choose the most advanced version “. It can be seen how attractive the Galaxy Note20 is when it, despite the complex social situation, becomes a factor that will stir and “save” the mobile market this year. In addition, there are many other attractive technology products such as Galaxy Bud Live, Galaxy Fold 2 will be launched at this event.

Instead of concluding, please borrow from Mobile Vietnam representative for Galaxy Note20 launch event: “I especially “respect” Samsung for keeping the release schedule as the years. Compared to the wary companies, this product launch event of Samsung will create great buzz and create sympathy for customers.

And you, ready for the launch event of the upcoming Galaxy Note20?

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