Galaxy Fold: The smartphone for the boss

Galaxy Fold is a phone for the boss. That seemed obvious – because the price of this machine is 50 million, 8 times the average monthly income of Vietnamese people. Only people with conditions, or “bosses,” have the financial potential to own a phone with the price equal to a midsize scooter.

But, “Galaxy Fold is a phone for bosses” Not just because it’s expensive. The latest iPhone models are also expensive, the high-end phones filled with gems from Vertu or Goldvish are even more expensive. Galaxy Fold is a phone for the boss because of the value it brings, as well as the disadvantage that users will have to accept on this device, which seems very suitable for business owners, managers. senior managers or business planners.

Galaxy Fold at a price of 50 million is one of the most expensive smartphones today

This is something I have felt after using this device for a while, and now I will explain in detail why.

Understand the pros and cons of Galaxy Fold

In case you didn’t know, Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone. Outside of this machine is a small 4.6-inch screen for simple tasks such as making calls, messaging … When needing to perform more complex tasks, users can open the device to use. Using a large 7.3 inch screen.

We can clearly see the advantage of Galaxy Fold is the screen with a large size, larger than any other current smartphone model and close to a tablet. The benefits of large screens are obvious: (1) the content is displayed at a larger size or (2) more content is displayed on the screen. Another thing to emphasize is that the aspect ratio of this screen is very close to 4: 3, which is also ideal for tasks such as web browsing, text viewing / editing, multi-screen multitasking and applications. other. Overall, owning a large screen smartphone but can be folded and brought with you is really “happy”.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

The Galaxy Fold’s large 4: 3 aspect ratio has many benefits for surfing the web

However, Galaxy Fold is also full of disadvantages:

– Due to being made of plastic, the Galaxy Fold’s screen is very fragile and far less durable than glass. Even the user press too hard on the screen can cause this machine malfunction. And when broken, users will have to spend up to 12 million to repair. Obviously this is not a good thing: does anyone want to spend 50 million for a perishable phone, so repairing is also expensive?

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

The Galaxy Fold’s internal display is made of plastic and offers durability far inferior to glass

– 4: 3 aspect ratio screen for work tasks are “happy”, but on the contrary, the entertainment task is bad. The video on the Galaxy Fold display will have two huge black borders on the top and bottom. As for the game, not only the majority of games often encounter display problems with the square screen of the Fold, but the feeling of holding a screen that is both square and large for gaming is not comfortable.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Large black border on / under big when watching movies on Galaxy Fold

– Not just playing games, Fold’s screen is too big to use with one hand. If with other big-screen smartphones, users can still try to “stretch” their hands to use, this is not feasible with Fold. This creates restrictions for users when they are busy in one hand, for example, when they are carrying a bag, holding a bread for example or clinging to a handle on a bus, for example.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Galaxy Fold is not a device that you can hold easily in one hand

– Know that Fold has an extra screen outside, but in fact, this screen is too small to be able to do any job. In particular, one of the everyday tasks that users will feel extremely “miserable” is input: the QWERTY keyboard is so small that users not only type slowly, but also type a lot of mistakes.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

The external monitor is too small to handle everyday tasks comfortably, including input

“A smartphone for the boss”

The Galaxy Fold, or any other product, has its pros and cons. The task of consumers is to understand the advantages / disadvantages of each product, then select a product with the advantages they benefit the most, and the disadvantages that affect them the least.

Considering the needs of the majority of users, Galaxy Fold is clearly not the product for them. This device is too expensive, too “fragile”, the benefits are not obvious while giving users many disadvantages about entertainment and grip. It looks like no one will be the appropriate user of Galaxy Fold, but this smartphone is ideal for a single user object: the boss.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Galaxy Fold is a smartphone for the boss

Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy Fold once again, but this time let’s assign it to a user, a business owner, a senior manager or a business planner.

First, if the price is a major barrier for the average user to come to the Galaxy Fold, then it is only a “small deal” for a lot of money. Similarly the cost of repairing / replacing the screen of the Galaxy Fold if it makes ordinary users feel “terrified”, then many people do not care much money.

Second, the large, square but foldable screen in the Galaxy Fold pockets is indeed a “godsend” gift for managers. The job of managers is to evaluate the effectiveness of the business / organization, and to do that, they need a device that can display Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email, PDF, and tables. supplies, figures …

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

No other smartphone on the market can provide a good office application experience like the Galaxy Fold

On the market today, there are many large-screen smartphones, but no matter how big, the experience of office-related tasks is still bad because of their long ratio (16: 9 to 21: 9). . With Fold 4: 3 screen, this is probably the only smartphone in the market that users can actually work with such applications.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Thanks to the 4: 3 screen, Galaxy Fold is also the only smartphone on the market that users can multitask like this

As mentioned above, 4: 3 screen is convenient for work but bad for entertainment and grip. But do you think bosses have time to watch movies or play games on their phones?

Finally, Galaxy Fold gives its users a different level. In the upper class, when the iPhone, Vertu or Goldvish has become “idyllic” and there is nothing special other than its price tag; then Galaxy Fold gives users a professional attitude, hard work. And for some, this professionalism is the image they want to create for themselves.

Galaxy Fold is not a smartphone for everyone, but was born to serve a certain audience

At the time of the Galaxy Fold launch, there were many skeptics about the success of this device. Expensive, high risk of failure, sometimes annoying to use, the benefits are not really clear – whether anyone wants to own this machine or not?

I used to think the same thing about Galaxy Fold. Even when I had the chance to experience it in reality, my opinion of the device remained unchanged: most users should not buy it.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Galaxy Fold does not suit the needs of the majority of users

But does that mean the Galaxy Fold in particular, or the folding screen smartphone in general, is a failure product? No problem. Devices like the Galaxy Fold may not be suitable for the vast majority of users, but as long as it is suitable for a certain audience, the existence of it is entirely grounded. With the Galaxy Fold, that facility is even more solid, when the object that this device is aimed at people with money.

In fact, Galaxy Fold reminds me a lot of Nokia 9000-series Communicator. The machine also has a folding design, there is also an ultra-small screen on the outside and a super large screen (at the time) on the inside. It even has a physical keyboard just like a miniature laptop.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

In their day, machines like 9000, 9210, 9300 or 9500 also received the same reaction as the Galaxy Fold now, their sales were not much compared to other popular models. But, Nokia has continued to develop many generations of it later, because by its name, Nokia 9000-series Communicator is a mobile working tool extremely popular by business people.

Galaxy Fold The smartphone for the boss | Mobile

Machines like these are symbols of business people

And that will also be the future of the Galaxy Fold. Maybe I or you will not want to own a device like Galaxy Fold, Samsung fully understand that and will continue to launch Galaxy S, Galaxy Note or Galaxy A models for the masses. But understand that there will still be a few out there who see the Galaxy Fold and its ability as a “savior” to their work, especially in a time when every smartphone today has the same boring bar design. It’s the difference of the Galaxy Fold that they appreciate.

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