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Galaxy Fold: A luxurious ticket to enter the world of high technology

For many, luxury products are always a big question mark. Why go to Maybach or Bentley when they are finally just cars? Why spend money on Gucci or Coach bags, when the “reach” brands like Michael Kors have the same design? Why buy a Patek Philippe or a Rolex when any digital device can now tell the time?

The answer lies in something hard to define: sophistication reserved for a high-end experience. What high-end users look for in luxury products is not only good enough experiences, but must be perfect in every way. They look for products that can create pronouncements of a different level, expressed through the details but the meaning reserved for those with delicate eyes. Of course, they also expect luxury brands to serve as true Gods. And those are values ​​that brands “usually” cannot meet.

Entering the era of folding smartphones, the upstream values ​​of luxury goods began to spread into the world of technology. At the end of 2019, the world’s No. 1 smartphone company, Samsung officially released Galaxy Fold, the first folding smartphone in the world.

At $ 2600 (VND 50 million in Vietnam), Galaxy Fold is clearly not a product for everyone. The price of the Galaxy Fold is more than enough for buyers to buy both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10, or buy up to 10 Galaxy A50s, Samsung’s most successful product in the past year. But, like the comparison of “good enough” and luxury goods, Galaxy Fold brings its own values, sought by a very small group of users – the most sophisticated people.

First and foremost, Galaxy Fold brings what the elite are always looking for: the privilege, which is the technological privilege. After decades of leading the display and semiconductor market, it was not until 2014 that Samsung was able to start making flexible displays that can bend rather than stay firm. The ideas began to be tested on curved or beveled smartphones, but it was until Galaxy Fold that Samsung could create an open / fold experience, creating a tablet experience combined with smartphones in the same device. Just like the minimalist super-luxury timepieces, but inside is how much gray matter and effort the craftsman assembles, beneath the luxurious design of the Galaxy Fold is the absolute pinnacle of the standing giant. world leading smartphone today.

Galaxy Fold A luxurious ticket to enter the world of high technology | Gaming Gear

And like the pinstripe emblem on Roll Royce cars, the Galaxy Fold has become an exclusive icon for the “tech elite”. You simply can’t find an opening / folding experience to transform your smartphone into a tablet in any other brand!

Obviously, Samsung will not just stop at the technology key. Galaxy Fold is a personal icon for those who aim to subtlety in every detail. The back of the back is made up of high-class glass, without any design details but very “attractive” to the user through the black gradient, light gradient and soft curves at 4 corners, around the set. camera parts. In the middle of the body is a separate hinge with the Samsung logo on the top, again simple but elaborate. When opened in tablet mode, this hinge completely disappears, viewed from both the front and back of the Fold is not too different from the high-end Galaxy Tab.

When closed, users hear a click: Samsung has elaborated to the end of the experience to satisfy even the most fastidious “God”.

Galaxy Fold A luxurious ticket to enter the world of high technology | Gaming Gear

Next is the software experience. Samsung knows that a premium hardware experience will be pointless to buyers if the software installed on the phone can not take advantage of both the large screen inside and small screen outside. And so Samsung has improved the renowned OneUI experience to deliver the most complete features possible. Every time the user opens the device, the applications that are currently used are immediately enlarged to the big screen. Informative applications (such as mail) take advantage of both halves of the screen to provide enough information for their users, who are busy and demanding perfection.

Samsung’s appreciation for advanced users doesn’t stop at the phone. Included with the Galaxy Fold is the 24/7 support service (Premier Service), whereby users of the folding phone will receive installation assistance, user guides, and customized instructions (via voice video) from Samsung. anytime. Tech connoisseurs may not need this service, but the decision to launch Premier Service exclusively for Galaxy Fold shows that Samsung is really pursuing the goal of the luxury industry: with customers, quality. The product or service must always be perfect. High-end market followers are certainly accustomed to being “on-the-go” at the store – with Samsung, they will be served 24/7.

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