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Galaxy Fit 2 launch: AMOLED screen, 15-day battery, 1.3 million price

Besides the Galaxy Watch line and Watch Active, Samsung also has a Galaxy Fit line. Galaxy Fit belongs to the line of smart bracelets with basic health monitoring functions, suitable for users who cannot afford to buy expensive smartwatches.

Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy Fit 2. The highlight of this product comes from being equipped with many health monitoring features, accompanied by an impressive battery life of up to 15 days. The product has a slim and compact design, suitable for many users.

According to Samsung, Galaxy Fit 2 is equipped with advanced health monitoring features such as automatic detection and tracking of 5 different types of movements, counting calories consumed, measuring continuous heart rate, measuring distance, track / analyze sleep and automatically calculate sleep score (Sleep Score).

Galaxy Fit 2 launch AMOLED screen 15 day battery 1 3 million price | Digital toys

The new strap design of the Galaxy Fit 2 makes the user’s wrist more open when sweating. The screen of the Fit 2 is also upgraded to 1.1 inches with a 3D curved AMOLED panel. Users can customize more than 70 different watch faces. In addition, with a 159mAh battery, Samsung is committed to the Fit’s battery life up to more than 2 weeks, something that few smartwatches can do.

Galaxy Fit 2 integrates IP68 water resistance. The product is compatible with Android devices from 5.0 and above and iPhone 7 with iOS 10.0 and above, connected through the Galaxy Wear application.

Galaxy Fit 2 launch AMOLED screen 15 day battery 1 3 million price | Digital toys

Galaxy Fit 2 will be available for sale in the German market on October 2 at a price of 47 EUR, equivalent to about 1.3 million VND. It is unclear whether Samsung plans to bring this product to the Vietnamese market or not.

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