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Future audio equipment is here, bringing music to your ears without the need for speakers or headphones

An Israeli technology company recently unveiled a technology device capable of transmitting sound directly to a listener’s ears without the need for headphones or speakers. In other words, this device allows users to comfortably listen to music, play games, and watch movies at the highest volume without worrying about being heard by someone around.

Developed by Noveto, the device called SoundBeamer 1.0 has a design like a computer speaker. This device has the ability to connect directly to a PC via Bluetooth communication.

Noveto SoundBeamer 1.0 device

“So far, there are two ways to listen to music. Either play it out loud through the speakers, or listen privately with headphones. At Noveto, we’re introducing a whole new way of listening to music using a technology called Sound Beaming, which has been patented, “Noveto representative said about Sound Beaming technology.

Accordingly, Sound Beaming technology built into the SoundBeamer device will emit a beam of ultrasonic sound waves – waves outside of the human hearing range – to the listener’s ear. These ultrasonic beams of sound then converge into tiny sound bubbles just outside the ear. Thanks to that, the sound can be heard again like normal sound waves, helping listeners to fully and authentically feel the sounds like they are using speakers or headphones.

In particular, a 3D sensor module built into SoundBeamer 1.0 will also continuously locate and track the user’s ear in real time, to ensure you are the only one listening to the sound. from SoundBeamer. At the same time, you can still freely move in any direction while listening to music as usual.

Future audio equipment is here bringing music to your ears without the need for speakers or headphones | Digital toys

The device transmits ultrasonic sound waves to the listener’s ear

Future audio equipment is here bringing music to your ears without the need for speakers or headphones | Digital toys

Users can listen to audio from many different sources privately and without disturbing others. Since the sound is transmitted directly outside the ears, it will ‘become much more authentic and natural’.

According to the AP news agency, the device gives users a listening experience ‘like a sci-fi movie’, with 3D sound appearing front, back, top, bottom and side. in the user’s ear.

‘You will find it unbelievable because it sounds like it comes from a set of speakers, but no one else can hear it. It reaches your friend’s ear and you are in the midst of all the sounds.

According to the AP news agency, when moving away from the broadcast of the ultrasonic sound waves, the user will suddenly not hear any sound. This creates a ‘surreal experience’.

Although Sound Beaming is not new, Noveto is the first company to launch a commercial device using this technology. According to Noveto CEO Christophe Ramstein, a ‘smaller, sexier’ version of the SoundBeamer will be ready to hit consumers around Christmas 2021.

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