Funny story of wife trying to get divorced because her husband is too good, does housework and never argues with her

An unidentified Muslim woman from Sambhal district, Uttar Pradesh state, India, recently filed for divorce in court after her 18-month marriage.

When asked why she wanted a divorce, the woman said that her partner always loves and never argues with her. This makes it difficult for her to accept. She even described her married life as “boring” because her husband always cooks, cleans, and does a lot of housework for his wife.

She shared: “He never yelled at me and he didn’t upset me about any of them either. He even cooks for me and helps me with the housework. Whenever I make a mistake wrong, he always forgives me. I want to argue with my husband. I don’t need a life where a husband is happy with everything.

Funny story of wife trying to get divorced because her husband is too good does housework and never argues with her | Live

Not having to do much and rarely have to argue with her husband makes the wife feel that married life is no longer interesting and wants the court to accept her divorce application as soon as possible.

After reading the woman’s petition, the Sharia court members immediately dismissed her father and assumed it was a frivolous request, asking the couple to settle it themselves.

However, it did not stop there, after being denied the divorce petition, she immediately went to the local council but the members of the council also refused the request after hearing her reasons.

According to local newspaper Dainik Jagran, the woman’s husband said he did not think he had done anything wrong because all he wanted to do was be a perfect husband.

This is not the first time that there have been cases where a wife has asked for a divorce because her husband is too good. Just last year there was a similar incident in the UAE.

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