Funny anime for you to watch weekend entertainment (P.1)

1. Ninja Chaos

The 1993 work of Ninja Loan Thi conquered the audience with funny and cute images and a humorous, close story around the life of young ninja. The story is set in the late Muromachi period, about Rantaro, a near-sighted boy who dreams of becoming a super ninja. During the ninja training school, he befriended Kirimaru and Shinbee. Everything Rantaro did was against the will and the ending is full of humor, very “paradoxical”.

This is a childhood work of the 9x generation that makes the audience laugh and laugh with the naive, innocent boys of the stupid boys. In addition, the unique and unique shape of each character and the difficult, carefree and innocent situations during the training process of the ninja kids also make the audience laugh.

2. Gotoubun no Hanayome

Funny anime for you to watch weekend entertainment P 1 | GameK

Gotoubun no Hanayome, also known as The House of Five Bridesmaids, is a work by mangaka Negi Haruba. Starting to appear in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen magazine since August 2017, this manga quickly attracted the attention of readers by its novel idea.

The series is about the protagonist Uesugi Fuutarou, an excellent high school student but a poor family background. He was recruited to tutor 5 girls from the same school. Interestingly, these girls with the surname Nakano are five-born sisters, and since then a lot has happened around them. Gradually, a relationship arose between all 5 girls and the tutor Fuutarou, leading to one of the romantic, humorous and interesting love stories. The series will be adapted into an anime by Illumination in 2019 and will continue to have part 2 in 2021.

3. Kochikame

Funny anime for you to watch weekend entertainment P 1 | GameK

Kochikame is a story about the life of a funny, humorous and bizarre cop. The main character is a middle-aged policeman Kankichi, who always acts oddly with his endless creative ability that surprises viewers and laughs at his unique initiatives. So far, Kochikame has been considered a legend of the Japanese anime and manga world when it is both funny and close to readers of all ages.

4. Osomatsu-san

Funny anime for you to watch weekend entertainment P 1 | GameK

Osomatsu-san, also known as Mr. Osomatsu, tells about Matsuno’s family has six super mischievous sons. A story revolves around a life of only boys, led by the oldest brother Osomatsu. Each sibling has a unique color and personality that makes the plot funny and witty that many people like.

With simple lines and rich colors that create a very unique character for each separate story of the 6 brothers. The fun, mischievous and somewhat muddy part of this 6-person guild has made the anime viewers smile with their eyes and ready to follow them to the end of the world.

5. Assassination Classroom

Funny anime for you to watch weekend entertainment P 1 | GameK

Assassination Classroom is a manga series created by author Matsui Yuusei, published in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine since 2012. This manga has proven its charisma with 20 million copies in print with 21 volumes released. in Japan. This action-comedy-school romance was later adapted into an animated film in 2015.

The story begins when a strange creature shaped like an octopus, possessing superior power to destroy 70% of the moon appears and threatens to destroy the earth. However, this creature has given humanity a chance and made an equally strange request. It will serve as a homeroom teacher for class 3-E – Kunugigaoka Middle School’s worst class until the scheduled date. Students in class 3-E will be awarded 10 billion yen for killing that creature.

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