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FTI launches FPT Backup & Replication solution to improve storage efficiency for businesses

Data loss – A challenge for every business

Data loss is one of the significant risks that modern businesses always face and the price to pay is very high. The loss of data can cause a business to go bankrupt or reduce its business advantage, leading to other difficulties later. Therefore, choosing the best possible data protection and recovery means that meet both security, budget and scalability is always a priority in the enterprise. For many businesses, the data solution of the future is hybrid cloud backup.

What is Hybrid Cloud backup?

Hybrid or hybrid cloud backup uses two infrastructures to store data. In some cases, this can be a combination of public and private cloud services. However, for many businesses, hybrid cloud backup involves storing data using a cloud service as well as on-premises infrastructure.

The key to backing up hybrid cloud data with any business model is storing it in different locations. It is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations that prioritize both security and affordability, and it offers many outstanding benefits that a single cloud system cannot provide.

With hybrid cloud data storage, an enterprise can move data and applications between on-premises storage and the cloud as needed. Data transfer capabilities allow organizations to secure all of their most sensitive information while saving money compared to exclusively using an in-house system.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup

One of the strengths of using hybrid cloud backup is allowing your business to take advantage of both on-premises and AWS cloud backups.

Business Continuity: The ability to maintain business continuity is a desired feature of most hybrid cloud backup solutions. Business continuity is a proactive approach to disaster planning. With the necessary tools and procedures in place, businesses can rest assured that they will continue to operate in any disaster scale.

Data protection: The combination of local and external backups provides significantly more peace of mind than just transferring data over the internet to a backup service provider or just storing data locally set on a NAS or in a data center.

Storage Flexibility: By tapping into the “unlimited” storage space of the cloud, specifically Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS’s object storage service, enabling businesses to determine when local storage space and scale to meet your needs.

Compliance: Hybrid cloud architecture is ideal for standards compliance because if the local backup device goes down, all files are already located off-site and can be retrieved as needed .

Infrastructure control: With the hybrid cloud, the provider maintains control over the customer’s backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. The customer remains responsible for managing backups, ensuring that backups are replicated and stored in third-party infrastructure, and restoring data. Managed AWS is the secure system for real disaster recovery.

FPT Cloud Backup & Replication (FPT CBR)

FTI launches FPT Backup 038 Replication solution to improve storage efficiency for businesses | ICT News

Using Veeam’s core technology, FPT Telecom International can help customers meet the standards of security, flexibility, and optimal cost without incurring hidden charges. At the same time, high availability from multiple environments and, in particular, compliance with government decree data placement requirements.

FTI launches FPT Backup 038 Replication solution to improve storage efficiency for businesses | ICT News

Hybrid Cloud Backup & Replication combines the benefits of Private Cloud and AWS hosting services and the flexibility they offer.

Mr. Luong Gia Quoc Bao, Team Leader of FPT Cloud Hub project, affirmed: “Our customers can now rely on FPT CBR, powered by AWS and Veeam, to dramatically reduce backup costs, replicate their backup data dynamically, and take advantage of open capabilities. scalability and economics of AWS”.

“FPT Cloud Backup & Replication delivers further cost savings by optimizing backups for easy compliance and enhancing overall infrastructure management.” – Mr. Bao also said.

FTI launches FPT Backup 038 Replication solution to improve storage efficiency for businesses | ICT News

Mr. Luong Gia Quoc Bao, Project Team Leader of FPT Cloud Hub

Benefits that FPT CBR (FPT Cloud Backup & Replication) solution brings to customers:

Flexibility: FPT CBR allows enterprises to quickly make changes to resource allocation, backup data can be replicated according to different strategies such as offsite backup for local data. on-premises, replicating data from AWS to local data centers to comply with data storage requirements…

Security: FPT CBR encrypts content using AES 256-bit encryption method, ensuring encrypted data protection in many environments, adding a layer of security to transmitted data.

Cost: FPT CBR offers a Fixed Pricing Structure with a fixed price for backup & replication in clusters of 5/10/15/20 EC2 instances. FPT CBR provides customers with a clear price to start implementation

Compliance: FPT CBR complies with many data management and security regulations such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Currently, FPT Telecom International has a lot of service incentives, especially solutions for backing up and cloning databases between international cloud infrastructure and domestic cloud infrastructure.

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In January 2021, FTI became an Amazon Direct Connect Delivery Partner in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. In March 2022, FTI is the pioneer partner in Vietnam to achieve AWS Networking ISV Competency, this certificate affirms the partner’s capacity and in-depth experience in consulting, implementing and administering AWS Networking services. .

In addition, FTI is an AWS Public Sector partner, certified with experience providing solutions to government, educational, and nonprofit customers throughout the Vietnam region and around the world. FTI is currently an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and AWS Advanced Tier Software Partner, demonstrating its capabilities in providing consulting services, billing, and solutions on AWS to customers. FTI’s services and solutions support customers efficiently and optimally on AWS:

Solution Provider: FTI brings comprehensive cloud solutions from AWS to help businesses modernize applications, save operating costs, and improve work efficiency.

Migration: The service supports migration to AWS through the “Lift-n-Shift” approach, allowing businesses to migrate to AWS quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal system disruption.

Managed Services: FTI provides a professional operation team with high skills, ready to help businesses remove the burden of operating systems on AWS and Hybrid Cloud model.

AWS Direct Connect: An alternative network service for connecting to the Internet. AWS Direct Connect simplifies establishing a dedicated network connection from your infrastructure to AWS and provides a more consistent network experience than an Internet-based connection.

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