Frustration overflowing, though free throughout the weekend, PUBG is still absent and literally “dead game”

As we have reported, on June 5, PUBG opened a free weekend on Steam. So after 3 years of release, this is the first time this blockbuster Battle Royale is operated in free form.

According to PUBG Corp, they want to help their game get more new players who have never spent money to own to experience the most quintessential PUBG brings. PUBG Corp hopes this will help people who are in quarantine at home because the COVID-19 pandemic can relax by a fiery match in PUBG completely free on weekends.

However, contrary to the expectations of the publisher, despite being open for free during the last weekend, the number of players in PUBG has not increased, or even showed signs of decreasing. According to Steamchart, PUBG lost 0.88% of its players in the first week of June. So after 2 April and 5 increases due to gamers at home fighting against Covid, PUBG has shown signs of going down.

Frustration overflowing though free throughout the weekend PUBG is still absent and literally dead game | PC/Console

After 2 months of increase due to gamers at home against Covid, the number of PUBG players started to decline again

According to PUBG Vietnam’s gaming community, during the free weekend event, PUBG was not as crowded as many expected. On the contrary, the absence occurs most of the time in the day. Even now, in the game, you will be able to meet bots more than real players.

At the moment, the average number of players in PUBG is only about 241,000, down nearly 90% compared to the peak of 2018. Despite all the efforts of the publisher, this game is still declining. Do not brake.

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