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From today, Vietnamese gamers can not comfortably “plow the game” as before

A sad news for Vietnamese gamers. According to the information we received, from the evening of April 2, a major incident happened to the route optical fiber sea AAG, namely the segment connecting Hong Kong to Vietnam. This is one of the main reasons why Vietnamese users will have difficulty accessing and using international internet services.

It is known that Asia America Gateway – AAG is online optical fiber The international sea has a total length of 20,191 km, with an initial design flow of 2 Tb / s and is constantly upgraded over time, directly connecting Southeast Asia (ASEAN) with the US.

Gland optical fiber This international sea has been put into operation since November 2009, passing through Malaysia (Mersing), Singapore (Changi), Thailand (Sri Racha), Vietnam (the branch connecting the cable to Vietnam is 314km long, the point of landing at Vung Tau), Brunei (Tungku), Hong Kong (South Lantau), Philippines (Currimao) and the United States (Guam, Hawaii and California). Since being put into operation up to now, AAG there have been many incidents or maintenance that caused service disruption on the route.

From today Vietnamese gamers can not comfortably plow the game as before | Gaming Gear

Besides the incident optical fiberAnother factor that makes Internet access difficult in Vietnam is that the bandwidth of the network is constantly being overloaded. This is the consequence when people have to stay at home and the most popular entertainment and working source is the Internet. From watching movies, listening to music, livestreaming, playing games or meeting, working, studying online … all put enormous pressure on the Internet system.

According to data from Ookla, a Speedtest development company, the internet speed in Vietnam is currently 42.8 Mbps, ranked 65th in the world. Compared to the world average speed of 75.41 Mbps, the network speed in Vietnam is much slower.

At the present time, the route optical fiber AAG being repaired. Completion time has not been announced.

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