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From today, Apple officially removed the account of Epic Games

In mid-August, Apple said it would remove Epic Games’ developer accounts if the Fortnite app continued to violate the App Store rules, and as of today, Apple has strictly followed its threat of elimination. removed access to Epic Games account of Epic.

While Fortnite has been removed from the App Store for a few weeks now, other Epic titles like Battle Breakers and Infinity Blade Stickers are still available on the App Store. Now with the Epic Games developer account removed, these titles are gone as well.

Those who have uploaded Fortnite to their iPhone or iPad can continue playing the game, but it will not be able to update and reinstall if you delete it manually.

Earlier, Apple also planned to block developer accounts for both Epic Games and Epic International, a separate account linked to Epic’s Unreal Engine tool for third-party developers to use when building apps. new apps and games. However, a recent court ruling blocked this move by Apple. While not allowing Apple to block its Unreal Engine tool, Apple is still allowed to remove Epic Games developer accounts and render other Epic titles inoperable on iPhone and iPad.

An interesting thing about Epic’s confrontation with the current giants is that while Apple has been tough in this battle, it is planning to beat Epic with the removal of accounts related to the Unreal Engine – a Apple’s “catastrophic” retaliation – on the contrary, Google is quite indifferent to this. Except for the removal of the Fortnite app from the Play Store, Google has not made any move to increase the heat of this battle.

Epic Games’ developer account removal is Apple’s standard process for any account against Apple’s App Store policy.

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