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From the painful falls to the old age of billionaires Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos teaches you: The more you experiment, the richer the new chapter in your life!

1. Walt Disney

Walt Disney’s failures have proven that in order to create the greatest miracles, one has to accept failure. Walt Disney is one of the most famous failures in the world.

According to The Wisdom of Oz, when Disney was 22 years old, he was told by an editor that he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas” and was fired from a newspaper.

After being fired, he acquired Laugh-O-Gram, his first animation studio, which was eventually bankrupt.

With just $ 40 in his pocket, he made his way to Los Angeles only to realize that Hollywood doesn’t have any animation studios. This led to the birth of Mickey Mouse.

Today, The Walt Disney Company is worth $ 95.79 billion and has won countless awards. Despite his departure in 1966, Walt Disney’s legacy continued to exist.

This famous failure teaches us that in spite of the failures you experience in life, go ahead.

2. Jeff Bezos

He may be the richest person in the world right now, but Jeff Bezos has said that he has lost billions of dollars to failures as well.

Before founding Amazon, he built a company called zShops, which eventually sparked the idea for the Amazon Marketplace.

But even at Amazon, he made countless failed products. However, Bezos believes in creating a culture at Amazon that is always accepting failure. He believes that: on the journey to create new things, there must be setbacks.

Anyone can create the same products the competition makes. However, to really have a competitive advantage with someone, you need to create a different direction for the products currently on the market.

3. Steve Jobs

Believe it or not, getting fired made some of the greatest successes in history.

Steve Jobs was fired from the company he created after a dispute with his board of directors at Apple. Jobs said that the layoffs helped him enter a creative era that led to the acquisition of Pixar animation studio.

In 1997, Jobs was hired back to work for Apple. He will continue to invent some of the company’s greatest technologies like the iPod, Macbook, iPad, power adapter and, of course, the iPhone.

From the painful falls to the old age of billionaires Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos teaches you The more you experiment the richer the new chapter in your life | ICT News

And Pixar was acquired by Disney for $ 7.4 billion in 2006. When Jobs died in 2011, his net worth was estimated at $ 10.2 billion. Not too bad for a man fired from his own company.

Steve Jobs’s famous failure teaches you that sometimes painful failures help you learn new skills, gain new experiences, and start another chapter in your life.

And it also shows you that just because you go the other way, it doesn’t mean you can’t go back.

4. Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson is one of the greatest inventors of this generation.

And as an inventor, he wanted to create a pocket-free vacuum design, which no one expected to do at the time.

It took 5,126 vacuum designs until the final version was finalized. He tried to sell his vacuum to manufacturers … and was rejected.

In 2017, the Dyson brand earned more than $ 1.03 billion in profits. And Mr. James? He’s comfortably on the list of billionaires with a net worth of more than $ 10 billion.

Famous failures like these show that the secret to success is being constantly innovating.

By continuously creating different designs, you get closer to creating something truly innovative, valuable, and essential in the marketplace.

The more you experiment, the more you will grow.

5. Nick Woodman

In 1997, Nick Woodman realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he did not achieve any real success with these businesses.

He decided to follow his passion. Loves surfing and traveling, so Woodman decided to embark on a surfing tour.

This tour helped him realize that there isn’t anything in the market that would allow him to shoot surfing videos as he surfs. And GoPro was born.

From the painful falls to the old age of billionaires Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos teaches you The more you experiment the richer the new chapter in your life | ICT News

Today, Woodman has an estimated net worth of US $ 9 from his success with GoPro.

This famous defeat shows that inspiration can come at any moment. It also shows that the greatest successes come from solving problems that no one has thought of before.

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