From Dreamland to Olympus: Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm

Diverse and in-depth storylines are giving Marvel Studios a lot of options when it comes to building a picture of the future of the MCU.

With the multiverse theme already being explored in the MCU, Marvel Studios is able to bring so many realities, so many fantastical worlds, to the big screen. Besides the re-appearance in the quantum realm of the Ant-Man in Ant-Man & the Wasp: QuantumaniaMCU has taken the audience to explore many different dimensions, such as Astral Plane (Black Panther), Duat (Moon Knight), Valhalla (Thor: Love and Thunder) or Mirror Dimension (Doctor Strange).

In the original comics, the Marvel universe is a diverse collection of countless different worlds. Quantum Realm is actually also a combination of the two dimensions of Quantum Zone and Microverse when appearing on the silver screen, because Marvel Studios does not hold the cinematic rights to Microverse. And in the future, this studio can also continue to exploit many other worlds to further expand the scale of its cinematic universe.

Negative Zone

Negative Zone can bring the Fantastic Four to the MCU – Photo: Marvel.

Among the dimensions that have not yet appeared in the MCU, the Negative Zone is perhaps the most important and has appeared most in the original. Appears for the first time in the story chapter Fantastic Four #51, Released in 1966, the Negative Zone is essentially a parallel universe to main reality, made entirely of antimatter. That is why traveling and exploring this world is especially difficult and dangerous.

However, with his genius brain, Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, successfully built a portal to the Negative Zone. This detail can help Marvel Studios bring the Fantastic Four into the MCU in a separate movie for this superhero squad, scheduled to be released on February 14, 2025. The polarity reversal in the Negative Zone can grant them unusual superpowers; or the faster speed of time here can help them travel back to the 60s and appear in the present world.

Negative Zone also involves several other superheroes. Among them can be mentioned Mar-Vell – the first Captain Marvel, and Rick Jones – the character has the ability to swap the position of a person in the normal world and a person in the Negative Zone. This phenomenon has been partly exploited by Marvel Studios in the final segment of the Ms. Marvel, when Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan accidentally switched places while using their superpowers.

Finally, Negative Zone is also the “home” of many great villains in the Marvel universe but have not had the opportunity to appear on the big screen, such as Annihilus or Blastaar. These characters can completely become villains in the upcoming Fantastic Four blockbuster.

Dream Dimension

From Dreamland to Olympus Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm | Living

Dream Dimension is the kingdom of a fierce villain in the Marvel universe – Photo: Marvel.

Dream Dimension was briefly mentioned in the series Loki, but was never really exploited deep in the MCU. The name says it all, this dimension connects to the human subconscious, and is considered a physical, tangible manifestation of the dream. Most importantly, the Dream Dimension is the realm of Nightmare, one of Doctor Strange’s greatest enemies in the original.

In fact, Nightmare was once “dotted” for the main antagonist role in the blockbuster Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, before Marvel Studios replaced director Scott Derrickson with “thriller king” Sam Raimi. Although that idea did not materialize on the silver screen, dreams still play an important role in this blockbuster.

At the moment, it is difficult to say whether Marvel Studios intends to bring Dream Dimension to the big screen in the future. After a multiverse adventure and accidentally causing an invasion, Doctor Strange and the sorceress Clea traveled to the Dark Dimension to correct their mistakes. However, this means that the upcoming blockbuster for Strange will most likely focus on the Dark Dimension instead of any other dimension or world.

However, in addition to the multiverse storyline, Marvel Studios is also gradually expanding the supernatural side of the MCU, with projects like Moon Knight, Werewolf by Nightor this is coming soon Blade. Dream Dimension will still have the opportunity to be exploited in such blockbusters, or even in the second season of the series. Lokiis scheduled to air this summer.

Nexus of All Realities

From Dreamland to Olympus Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm | Living

Nexus of All Realities connects everything in the MCU – Photo: Marvel.

Theoretically, Nexus of All Realities has been exploited in the MCU through the animated series What If…? This is the intersection of all realities in the multiverse, and where Uatu the Watcher observes all events taking place in all timelines. Previously, Nexus of All Realities was “teased” in the blockbuster Thor: The Dark World through Dr. Dark World’s hypothesis when he explained the Convergence phenomenon.

However, compared to the original comics, Nexus has an important connection with Man-Thing, a new character introduced into the MCU through the project. Werewolf by Night. To prevent individuals from taking advantage of the Nexus of All Realities and traveling to any part of the multiverse, Man-Thing has become the watchman for this place.

A place of extraordinary power, the Nexus of All Realities remains one of the great mysteries of the Marvel universe to this day. Dr. Ted Sallis was the first to discover this place after a car accident in the swamp. Blood and dark magic transformed Sallis into a monster called the Man-Thing, and also activated the door to the Nexus of All Realities.


From Dreamland to Olympus Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm | Living

Limbo is the kingdom of many demons and has a special connection with the X-Men – Photo: Marvel.

In the Marvel Comics universe, there are many dimensions and realities known as Limbo. Series Loki also brought about a similar world, when Loki and Sylvie traveled to a realm beyond the timeline of He Who Remains.

Limbo is also a demonic dimension and is related to a member of the X-Men, Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik. This mutant’s teleportation allows him to easily travel to and from Limbo. As a child, Rasputin was kidnapped and raised by Belasco, the ruler of that dark world, before she rebelled and escaped the demon’s prison. Magik once appeared in the “spray bomb” New Mutants of the X-Men franchise, produced by 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios), and played by Anya Taylor-Joy.

However, with what is happening in the MCU, it is likely that Limbo will not be exploited by Marvel Studios until the multiverse storyline closes. The X-Men are considered to be the central superhero team of the MCU after phase 6. So it’s not surprising if Limbo is only brought to the big screen after a few years and has a direct link to the mutant lineup. Marvel’s like in the original.


From Dreamland to Olympus Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm | Living

Olympus will appear in the MCU when Hercules returns to the big screen – Photo: Marvel.

The role of the gods in the MCU has been raised to a new level through the new projects of phase 4, especially Thor: Love and Thunder. To find allies against the god-slayer Gorr, Thor went to the Omnipotent City, considered the home of many gods ruled by Zeus.

More importantly, Thor: Love and Thunder brought Hercules to the big screen, played by Brett Goldstein. That means it’s only a matter of time before Olympus appears in the MCU. Similar to Asgard, Olympus is a small dimension and home to the Greek gods, and is connected to the underworld ruled by Hades. It seems that each god from different cultures will exist in different dimensions, such as Celestial Heliopolis for Ennead, the Egyptian gods that appeared in the series. Moon Knight.


From Dreamland to Olympus Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm | Living

Avalon isan important world for the Marvel multiverse – Photo: Marvel.

Another example of the dimension of the main gods is the Otherworld and the kingdom of Avalon. It is the home of the Tuatha de Danaan, the Celtic gods, and is closely linked to the multiverse. Similar to the Nexus, Avalon is also the intersection of many (but not all) different realities. Therefore, this place perfectly fits the multiverse storyline that the MCU is exploiting.

Just like Captain Carter in the animated series What If…?, Captain Britain is also a member of the Captain Britain Corps, an alliance of many variations of superheroes, tasked with protecting the multiverse. In the original, Brian Braddock became Captain Avalon, the guardian god of this kingdom and ceded the title of Captain Britain to Betsy Braddock.

There has been a lot of information regarding Marvel Studios’ plans to bring Captain Britain into the MCU. But so far, this superhero has not appeared on the big screen.


From Dreamland to Olympus Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm | Living

Mojoworld is a strange world related to Marvel’s X-Men mutants – Photo: Marvel.

Mojoworld is a kingdom located in outer space and is home to the Spineless Ones race – strange creatures with golden skin, hairless, hairless, each hand has only 4 fingers and most especially, no bones. living. One of the most prominent members of the Spineless Ones is Mojo, who has faced many X-Men in the pages of Marvel.

As stated above, the X-Men will be central characters in the future of the MCU. Therefore, it is not excluded that Mojoworld will also be exploited by Marvel Studios after the multiverse storyline ends.

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