From DOTA 2 to CS: GO, can the legendary OG team continue to promote?

“We hate star players.” – Sebastien Debs declared bluntly and without hesitation.

Debs – known in the DOTA 2 community with the nickname Ceb – the legendary “back-to-back TI winner” with the OG team, despite all the risks to achieve success, and of course that is the factor. extremely important to help them make history.

“We hate star players” – Ceb (holding the shield in the picture).

Now, as a coach and consultant for OG’s CS: GO team, Ceb is looking to apply the formulas that made it successful with DOTA 2 to their brand new 5 gunmen in CS: GO. . But is it really possible with their CS: GO roster, including names: NBK, Aleksib, valde, ISSAA and mantuu?

Like building the Avengers, OG has formed a squad of 5 players from 5 different countries, with 5 different personalities, cultures and lifestyles. And like the Avengers, OG often has problems with communication and leadership, though they are always open to solving their difficulties.

NBK said after defeating Evil Geniuses at BLAST Premier:

“We really trust each other, but sometimes, in certain situations – we improvise. There are some rounds when the time is up, the teammates are under pressure and frustrated. I was confused about what to do, so I immediately called the team, which was a reverse call, and most likely we won that round if everyone listened to me, but everyone handled it on our own experience. before and believe it can be done effectively. “

Mantuu, who has the least experience and lack of experience on the team name, gave an insight into the team’s leadership issues, the behind-the-scenes stories:

“Of course there is a cultural difference between the members. And in the team, there are 3 people who play as IGL (in game leader), while we only need 1. That’s why having 3 people who used to play IGL brings both good and bad effects to the team.

The advantage is that we have a lot of ideas, after every win or loss, everyone has many ideas to contribute to the team. But the bad thing is that at the beginning of the match everyone had so many different tactical ideas that confused the team, so we had to choose only one IGL to listen to. “

From DOTA 2 to CS GO can the legendary OG team continue to promote | Esports

Lineup OG CS: GO from left to right: ISSAA, NBK, Valde, mantuu, Aleksib.

Before BLAST Premier, OG lost to Mad Lions in the ICE Challenge and their performance showed a lack of cohesion. But entering BLAST Premier, OG showed a different face when he defeated Evil Geniuses twice. Everyone agreed that Aleksib would be the IGL – the role that made this man’s name when he was playing at ENCE.

“I like being a leader”, Aleksib said. “I like that the team respects me and there is no bad problem with me. I lead everyone in the game, but in the outside life I also want to be popular, able to have fun chatting with. all and never say anything bad about or judge anyone. In general I want to be a good leader in the game and maintain a good relationship outside the game with the people who love me. “

While everyone agrees that Aleksib is the leader of the game, it seems that their actions don’t show that much. NBK has complained a lot about his team calls being rejected, and OG coach ruggah has a lot of tired of managing a team that always has 5 different opinions.

“It is a great challenge.” – ruggah shared after losing G2. “After this tournament, I realized the whole team was still in the middle of trying to find a common voice. I was quite excited when we got this result when everyone only gave them about 70, 80%. So what happens when it’s 100%? “

And, does OG really have a hard time with a multi-national roster? Of course, different players will face many different difficulties when playing in a brand new team that has only been formed for more than two months.

The first is about communication, because all 5 players of OG speak 5 different languages. They found a language they are in English, but not everyone is equally good at English. Valde was a member who joined OG after feeling that there was no incentive left in his old team North, a team that consisted of only Danish members.

He will be easy to work with coach ruggah (also Danish), but with the remaining 4 members from: France, Finland, Poland and Jordan it is not easy. He shared:

“All my life I’ve been shooting CS with Danes, so obviously a lot of changes when I switched to an English communication team. The language barrier wasn’t too hard to overcome, but the problem was when You come from different teams, from different countries right from the way of life, the way of working, the way of talking you have is different It is not easy to solve that problem, but it’s okay because I like people quite the challenge. “

The whole team also has a hard time keeping themselves relaxed and comfortable. It is not uncommon for CS: GO players to get very emotional and uplifted in games, but at times the emotions are detrimental to the team.

From DOTA 2 to CS GO can the legendary OG team continue to promote | Esports

Valde – who is willing to give up CS Denmark to come with a multi-national team.

Imapet, the coach of Evil Geniuses – the team that lost 2 times to OG at BLAST, highly appreciated OG’s foreign members from ISSAA, one of the most emotional players but also the weakest link. He shared:

“I think they can make it to the top 5 best teams, if everyone in the team is attached and there is no problem in leadership. As long as they are more united and ISSAA plays better then they will definitely make it. top 5. “

ISSAA’s response to Imapet’s comments is also simple:

“I will try my best. I don’t know what the outsiders look at but I can only say that I am trying my best and am willing to sacrifice for whatever the team needs. I am a guy.” boys are extremely emotional so sometimes I will shoot very fly, but sometimes very bad. But the emotions help me and my teammates compete more sublime, it feels great to burn out with passion. “

The team also realized that lack of control with excitement was a problem they needed to solve. Mantuu said:

“We realized at the ICE Challenge the team was playing too excited. We were too excited and taut, unable to calm down and relax again. We are trying to control it and maintain calm. It’s clear that the team has ISSAA – who are always energetic and overreacting, so they have to find a way to keep their emotions in the most appropriate level. “

From DOTA 2 to CS GO can the legendary OG team continue to promote | Esports

ISSAA (middle) always has too much energy, excitement and emotion when playing.

Valde, mantuu and ISSAA are the people NBK and Aleksib call to the team. Both NBK and Aleksib agreed to join OG because they wanted to play together. NBK admires what Aleksib has done to ENCE, and Aleksib wants to stand side by side with one who knows what to do to build a successful team and reap the title.

There are many advantages to owning both of these players in a team, but this is contrary to what Ceb does with Dota, because NBK and Aleksib have too big star personalities. .

Both of them play in different positions, but there is always the interference of two big egos. The NBK admits he likes to make decisions on his own and believes that what he does will be right.

“I have the most experience in the team. It is difficult to say what the experience specifically covers, but it helps you feel what you are doing is wrong or right. I have learned a lot from my teams. I used to take part in competitions, lessons that I couldn’t naturally know, when I joined a team, I always expected perfection, wishing everyone to have the same rhythm to work with me, bringing the team together. to a certain level, not just sit and pray everything will be okay.

I will find ways to solve the problems myself, even if the problem is not in me. If there are two people in the team who are in conflict, I will have to intervene immediately and make peace. Based on my experience, I know how to solve these problems, both inside and outside the game.

In the game, I also recommend Aleksib to help him build the strategy that he wants people to implement. Minimalism is key in the game, because we are a multi-national team so it is difficult to do complicated things because people have communication barriers. If the tactics are too complicated, people may get confused or omitted by listening to the information and thus not maximize the strength of the team. ” – NBK

It is true that no one can deny the experience that NBK brings to this team, but it is true that OG still has too many issues to worry about? How can they focus on competing when they still have to deal with communication barriers, leadership and absorbing different opinions in the team?

Ceb seems to have the answer to this problem:

“I see these issues as a high-dose diet. It can be detrimental in some cases, but if handled properly will create an infinite power. The management of you many features. Different cultures, different personalities, different experiences means you’ll always have the solution to face up to different people, so I feel fortunate to work with an extremely rich team. and as diverse as OG, of course you will have to handle it properly because otherwise everyone will play separately, regardless of whom.

In my career, I have seen many multi-national teams quickly decline because of the differences between players. But here we do the exact opposite: making the most of the advantages that a multinational squad brings. I don’t believe we can’t succeed with a team like this. “

From DOTA 2 to CS GO can the legendary OG team continue to promote | Esports

Ceb went to London to encourage and watch the CS: GO OG live.

Ceb went to London to watch OG play, taking advantage of his free time to chat and encourage the morale of the players as they walked on stage. Obviously he is carrying out an ambitious and difficult challenge, but do not forget this is the man who succeeded with a much less potential Dota squad. Even with a CS team that was built in a hurry, they made it to the finals of Group B in BLAST.

“I hope they will write history and build their own heritage. Fans can look forward to the spirit and philosophy of OG. That’s why we chose the ones. That name represents OG, because they are in line with our philosophy, respect each other and want to build something big together.

As for how they will develop their CS path, it is entirely up to their decisions and desires. If they want to be like that, then OG will become a team like that. “ – Ceb

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