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French magazine: Fake AirPods of type 1 or type 2 are very dangerous and it is best not to try

Recently, a French magazine called “60 million consumers” decided to try some fake AirPods made by Chinese manufacturers. The final conclusion made by this page is that the fake AirPods headphones have poor sound quality, and that the volume is much higher than the recommended maximum, threatening to harm the listener’s hearing.

AirPods are clearly a new power in the wireless headphone market. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple sold nearly 60 million AirPods in 2019 alone, accounting for nearly 71% of the overall wireless headset market and accounting for 54.4% of the market share.

The popularity of AirPods in particular and Apple products in general has long been an attraction for knock-off manufacturers. Not surprisingly, there were clones of iPhones that debuted even before Apple launched the new iPhones.

The same goes for AirPods. Apple headphones have hundreds of different “sibling” versions on the market. With prices up to $ 159 for a pair of AirPods and even AirPods Pro costs up to $ 249, buyers certainly have some anxiety. That is why Chinese manufacturers cannot ignore the lucrative bait of those who want to experience the feeling of wearing an AirPods at a bargain price.

A common feature of some AirPods is that they replicate the design or even integrate a “copy” of the Apple H1 chip.

60 million consumers magazine has decided to test low-cost models which are appreciated by many YouTubers. These are all paid products to advertise, so some information seems to have been overblown by YouTubers.

French magazine Fake AirPods of type 1 or type 2 are very dangerous and it is best not to try | Gaming Gear

The videos comparing real AirPods and fake AirPods appear quite a lot on YouTube

For testing purposes, the editorial team ordered 7 fake AirPods from China. Of those 7, only 4 arrived at the newsroom, the rest mysteriously disappeared when they were shipped from China to France.

French magazine Fake AirPods of type 1 or type 2 are very dangerous and it is best not to try | Gaming Gear

A fake AirPods are marketed

And what’s even more interesting is that out of the four that were sent to the newsroom, one was inactive. As a result, the team only had three alternatives to test.

After a period of testing, the editors found the sound quality of the three clone AirPods indeed very bad. Especially, there is a model that is really dangerous to the listener’s hearing when its maximum volume exceeds the standard.

This is obviously one of the big problems with counterfeit goods, because they rarely meet sound and safety standards.

Finally, 60 million consumers magazine does not recommend the use of any fake AirPods to protect listeners’ hearing and “wallets”. The magazine also advises consumers to be cautious when buying wireless headset products, should not be cheap and it is best to look for recognized brands to ensure safety.

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