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FPT Software supports training human resources for AI and Machine Learning in Vietnam

Towards the goal of training high quality human resources in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), thereby increasing Vietnam’s competitiveness in the international arena, FPT Software accompanies VietAI to organize the Machine course. Basic Learning (Machine Learning – a branch of AI technology) for high school students and Vietnamese students.

With the companionship and sponsorship from FPT Software, students of the course have the opportunity to approach practical AI application trends in business process automation, factory operations … as well as opportunities. jobs and share knowledge and experiences from the company’s leading experts in this technology sector.

Basic Machine Learning courses are held on a platform in the form of Bootcamp lasting for 10 weeks. VietAI expects that through this online course, students can acquire knowledge anytime, anywhere, in accordance with their personal schedule and work schedule, while ensuring health safety against complicated developments. Covid translation -19.

The course module includes videos of theoretical and practical lessons and face-to-face exchanges with lecturers, tutors, and webinar experts. The course content is designed to suit the level of many groups of subjects from students, fresh graduates to experienced IT engineers. At the same time, it is updated according to the latest program from the center of Artificial Intelligence Technology – Silicon Valley (USA) and standardized in accordance with the AI ​​development in Vietnam. Students can completely apply the machine learning knowledge of the course to build applications related to natural language processing, speech recognition.

Workshop organized by VietAI in 2019.

The course brings together leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence at home and abroad such as: Advisor – Dr. Thang Luong (PhD student at Google Brain); Advisor – Dr. Minh Triet (Associate Professor cum Vice Rector of University of Science and Technology); Advisor – Master Huyen Nguyen (Huyen Chip – Teacher of Deep Learning Academy – Master of Stanford University, USA); Lecturer Duy Vu (Head of Technical Department – Graphics Miner Lab); Lecturer Thuyen Phan (Former Google Trainee-USA), along with many other experts, etc.

According to the latest report of Linkedin on the list of promising jobs with attractive salaries in 2020, AI-related job titles such as Artificial Intelligence Specialist (AI), ML Engineer (Machine Learning Engineer) are all high ranking. Since 2017, machine learning and AI have always topped the list of occupations sought by employers with new recruiting demand increasing by an average of 74% per year. Therefore, throughout the course, students are encouraged to build academic relationships and networks with their mentors and lecturers. At the end, students have the opportunity to practice internships and job placement in leading technology companies in the world, including in Vietnam market and Silicon Valley, USA.

FPT Software supports training human resources for AI and Machine Learning in Vietnam | Tech ice tea

Offline course in 2019.

Many students have grown up from the basic Machine Learning course – VietAI, the alumni have achieved success and have made certain progress in their careers. Notably, Nguyen Ba Ngoc and Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – the first two Vietnamese programmers selected to join Google (Google Developer Experts); or Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hoa – who is holding the position of research engineer (Research Engineer) at Pasteur Institute, France.

Representatives of FPT Software shared, with the feature of automation and data analysis … AI is creeping into every corner of the society, which also means that the story needs both the quantity and quality of this technology human resource. FPT Software is implementing long-term plans to invest in research and development of AI products and technologies in specialized fields such as banking, oil and gas, and healthcare … Therefore, the company always pays attention to attach importance to training and building a community of human resources with specialized skills and knowledge in this field.

To support the students, the Organizing Committee offers 10 scholarships worth 50% of the tuition fee for female students, based on the scholarship application, see details. here. 10 scholarships 50% of tuition fee for 5 female and 5 male students with the highest scores at the end of the course If qualified, it means the course is completely free).

In addition, VietAI will also give away 10 ELSA premium 1-year memberships ($ 75) for the best student, regardless of gender, at the end of the class.

VietAI is an AI education and training organization in Vietnam. Cooperating with universities and corporations operating in the leading IT field in the world, VietAI carries the mission of fostering the young generation and creating a community of high-quality IT personnel, meeting the ever-increasing needs. increase in AI in the region and around the world.

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