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Founder ‘poorest’ in the world: Create one of the biggest websites, can’t get any ads, get jailed, owe the government 18 million USD

For most entrepreneurs, being the one helping create a multi-billion dollar company is what makes them most proud, but not Peter Sunde. In fact, he hates being called an entrepreneur.

Instead, he identifies himself as “a pirate” (not literally). He is like the captain of a digital “pirate” ship that helps network users to piracy online.

Peter is the founder of The Pirate Bay, the world’s most popular torrent search engine that enables file sharing (often illegal). The reason for his construction is simple: He is an advocate of freedom of information, knowledge, art, media, culture.

Unintentionally, Peter has caused the above industries to change their business models so as not to lose. It can be said that with The Pirate Bay, he helped usher in the era of streaming services, both making the content more engaging and helping production companies make more money.

The world’s largest torrent search engine

A torrent is a small digital file that points to the location of a file that is publicly accessible on someone’s hard drive. In other words, they instruct your computer on where and how to find the file you want from someone else’s computer.

A torrent file can be anything, including Word documents, but most of it is a form of digital media like a song, movie or software. To date, there have been billions of successful downloads from The Pirate Bay.

Founder poorest in the world Create one of the biggest websites can t get any ads get jailed owe the government 18 million USD | Technology iced tea

The Pirate Bay is one of the 300 most visited websites in the world.

In 2003, Peter and several co-founders launched The Pirate Bay as a way to help people find torrents, then connect them to files they want to download from someone else’s computer anywhere in the world. gender.

Obviously, The Pirate Bay wasn’t the first torrent search engine. And to this day, it’s not the best torrent search engine. Even so, it has become the largest torrent search engine in the world as it is the only torrent search engine that has stopped working when sued for permitting piracy.

“Pirate Bay grows fast because most other torrent sites shut down when we received the first warning, we decided to keep operating,” Peter said. In response, we replied that we are in Sweden and do not follow the US law.

When it comes to the development of The Pirate Bay, Peter remains humble when it comes to the fact that it has become one of the most popular websites in the world. At one point, it accounted for about half of all internet traffic in Europe. Up to now, this is still one of the 300 most visited websites on the Internet.

Controversial website operator

Most people will think that running one of the most popular websites in the world means making a lot of money. Unfortunately, when your site is as controversial as The Pirate Bay, making money can be extremely difficult.

“For people promoting on The Pirate Bay, they will soon get a call saying they will be sued for paying for an illegal website,” Peter said.

With no advertising money, The Pirate Bay also had to spend a lot of money to maintain its huge system – which put Peter and the other founders in a predicament. They typically spend thousands of dollars out of pocket each month to pay off related bills.

Why The Pirate Bay is still maintained

Founder poorest in the world Create one of the biggest websites can t get any ads get jailed owe the government 18 million USD | Technology iced tea

Although running The Pirate Bay takes time and money, Peter kept it for years because he truly believed in what he was doing. Of course, it’s not like he believes in fooling content creators into taking their money. Instead, he wants to give people access to different types of content because for him, content leads to knowledge.

Peter said that when he was a child, accessing pirated content gave him the opportunity to learn about computers: “I was bought for my first computer at the age of 8. At that time, people were copying. content is reciprocal and the action is not bad or good at all, that’s what really helped many people learn about computers I built The Pirate Bay because I wanted everyone to have access. information like me “.

For him, piracy is not about stealing the work of others but learning from others by accessing what they have created. It is because of that vision of Peter that he and his associates have to pay dearly.

After many lawsuits, they were sentenced to several months in prison in 2004. In addition, Peter owed the Swedish government more than 15 million euros (nearly 18 million USD), the amount he admitted that he would have to “plow. “in a long time to pay off. However, he said in an interview that it was not as important as his mission. Estimated, his net worth is only about 500,000 USD, a very modest figure for the founder of a website with huge traffic like The Pirate Bay.

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