Former CS: GO player in a blouse, pioneering the front line against Covid-19 in India

Gokul Sagar (32 years old) is an Indian doctor. He works in the United Kingdom National Health Service as a senior, internationally respected researcher. At the same time, he possesses long experience in “real war” of medical examination and treatment.

In particular, Gokul used to be a CS: GO player in the Invictus Gaming team colors. Under the stage name “dnm”, he has represented India to participate in international competitions. After 4 years of fighting, he retired in 2017 and became a doctor.

Former CS GO player in a blouse pioneering the front line against Covid 19 in India | Esports

Currently, this former gamer is helping to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. Gokul takes part in guiding and educating people to take safety measures to protect themselves during the epidemic season.

This is dangerous work. Up to now, I have had close contact with serious patients for a long time. Although I cannot predict the future, I will try to fight this disease with the people“, Gokul shared.

The former gamer advised people to perform social isolation to limit the spread of the virus. He also revealed to streamers that he would regularly share information on social isolation for everyone to know.

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