Foreign netizens scramble to find the image of their deceased loved ones while alive thanks to Google Maps

When we lose our loved ones, most of us tend to rediscover old photos and revisit their beautiful memories. Especially for those who, for a variety of reasons, such as being so far away, have been unable to meet their relatives for the last time, these images have become even more important.

With the rapid development of current technology, especially of Google Maps, we can easily witness the last moments of our loved ones, no matter how far away from us. That’s exactly what foreign netizens are doing: Use Google Maps Street View to find an image of your deceased loved one while alive.

Street view is helping a lot of people rediscover the image of their deceased loved one while alive.

If you do not know, Google Street View is a feature launched since 2007, integrated in Google Maps and Google Earth. Its mission is to provide paranoma images of many different roads and streets around the world by letting the camera-mounted cars run around the clock 24/7.

Back on the main topic, recently Twitter user yajaira (real name Leslie Barraza) shared with CNN how she found the final image of her deceased grandfather through Street View. On Tuesday, she and her sister were groping the technology, visiting their grandparents’ farm in Durango, Mexico. After just a few touches, they went to the end of the road, and found their beloved grandfather sitting there relaxing leisurely.

Leslie shared on Twitter personally: My grandfather died a few years ago. We had no chance to say goodbye to him one last time. Yesterday, we discovered a Google Maps vehicle that once drove past your farm. Out of curiosity, we followed it, and suddenly caught our grandfather sitting there at the end of the road.

On personal Twitter, she said her grandfather had died a few years ago, but she still felt tormented for not being able to meet him for the last time. And Google Street View has helped her fulfill this wish.

The video of just 13 seconds of Leslie has suddenly created a new phenomenon on Twitter, inspiring many people to share photos of their deceased relatives thanks to this technology. Leslie herself was also happy that she initiated such a positive and meaningful movement. After learning about Leslie’s story, Google sent an official thank you letter to her for using their technology.

Ben Jose, Google representative shared with CNN:It is heartwarming that our Google Maps and Street View services have helped so many people remember, find and share photos of their loved ones in the most special way.”.

And here are some other similar stories about the miracles Street View brings.

Iván Rodriguez shared with CNN that her adoptive grandfather, Jose Guzman, immigrated to the US in 1980 and has been living with Iván’s family in Los Angeles since 2012. He said he was a hard-working, gentle, and extreme person. I love to enjoy nature with my dog: “They (Mr. Jose and the dog) can sit outside for hours on end”. He died in June 2019 of a pulmonary disease.

Foreign netizens scramble to find the image of their deceased loved ones while alive thanks to Google Maps | Live

Street View is helping a lot of people retrieve the memory fragments of their deceased loved ones.

About a month ago, Iván’s father asked him to search for pictures of their homes on Google Maps. And this is also the time he stumbled upon the moment of his late grandfather playing on the front lawn. He said: “This really makes sense to my family. It is very difficult for you to feel my feelings as well as those of those who have this blessed experience. It was truly a wonderful moment”.

Similar to the above story, Emily Smith’s Sandra Dennis died of obstructive pulmonary disease in 2014. Earlier in 2010, Emily remembered she had the opportunity to walk the streets with her grandmother in England and caught a Google’s Street View car. She even saluted it, so it was an unforgettable memory.

Foreign netizens scramble to find the image of their deceased loved ones while alive thanks to Google Maps | Live

Emily’s picture of walking with her grandmother in London was recorded by Street View car 10 years ago.

Therefore, after her death, Emily immediately went to Google to find this image. And Street View did not disappoint her.

Kisawanda James also found his grandmother Doretha James Ford relaxing at her home in Albany, Georgia. Doretha died in January 2016 of Alzheimer’s disease (dementia due to degenerated brain cells). In fact, Kisawanda is the first person to use Street View to find relatives of the 4 stories above. But only when Leslie initiated this trend did she decide to share the video of her deceased grandmother.

Foreign netizens scramble to find the image of their deceased loved ones while alive thanks to Google Maps | Live

Kisawanda also found his grandmother while alive thanks to Goolge Street View.

According to CNN

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