For the first time, Google honors the ‘Caucasian career anniversary’ with profound insight to young people

Today on 23/2/2020 (lunar calendar 1/2/2020), Google changed the Doodle image by graphic artist Xuan Le (living in Ho Chi Minh City) to design images of CA Tru to commemorate Ca Tru Founder’s Memorial Day (Commemorative career Ca Tru). This is the first time Google honors the most popular traditional music in Vietnam.

Image designed by artist Xuan Le on Google homepage on February 23, 2020. Source: Google Doodle

Google Doodle data shows that Ca trù (also known as Nhà hát Nhà or Sing Cô đầu, is a combination of poetry and music) originated in the 15th century. head in the royal court and loved by the aristocracy; Later, the Ca trù continued to grow and performed in cultural spaces in present-day Hanoi capital as well as many provinces and cities throughout Vietnam.

A Ca trù troupe has at least 3 people, including the female singer who speaks (Nu Nuong) and beats the beat; The other two musicians (called duet and mandarins) play traditional instruments such as the basepole and the drums, which can accompany the singing of the upland singer.

According to researcher Phan Cam Thuong, in traditional Vietnamese music and singing, Ca trù occupies a special position. It’s not like folk songs, there’s absolutely no accompaniment and basically no sound recording, it’s perfect about the rules of the music, the instruments, the performances, the songs and the guilds.

Therefore, people call Ca trù a music of the royal court, entertaining, besides an orchestra used for rituals and important rituals.

The legend of Ca trù is formed from folk and recorded in the legend of Lo Khe temple (Lien Ha commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi). Whereby, two ancestors of Ca trù the couple Dinh Du (son Dinh Le – a general of King Le Loi in the Lam Son uprising of the 15th century) and princess Duong Hoa (a heavenly family), newspaper Youth information.

In 2009, UNESCO recorded the Ca trù as an Intangible Heritage in need of urgent protection.

The celebration of the Ca trù ancestral anniversary on the homepage aims to send to the young generation toward the roots, continue to love and maintain the traditional art form of the Vietnamese people, because Ca trù artists today are gradually absent.

In 2019 and early 2020, Google for the first time honored the names, types of art and places of Vietnam, including the late composer Trinh Cong Son, the poet Xuan Quynh, the Ca trù genre and the image of Hoi An …

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