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For the first time, an automated switchboard using artificial intelligence can talk in Vietnamese with customers

For customers to wait impatiently when “the operators are busy” is what no business wants to happen. But it is difficult to build a call center that can handle incoming calls from customers, but it still has to be flexible in terms of cost flexibility for businesses.

A suitable technology solution now is to use artificial intelligence to receive and process incoming calls of customers. As a result, businesses can optimize staffing costs, increase opportunities to reach customers and boost competitiveness. However, when the world has many solutions going in this direction, an artificial intelligence that can use Vietnamese to communicate is still rare.

Grasping this demand, Viettel Cyber ​​Center (belonging to Viettel Group) has developed a platform to build automatic call center Cyber ​​Callbot, with the leading Vietnamese speech processing technologies.

Instead of using pre-recorded recordings to carelessly answer incoming calls, Cyber ​​Callbot is built on the basis of artificial intelligence technology (AI), including: Speech synthesis, reception. Vietnamese speech and natural language processing, to bring about natural experiences such as interacting with real people.

Not only saving costs, saving time, the use of Callbot can also help businesses design flexible advertising content, care for each customer segment.

Regarding security features, Cyber ​​Callbot integrates with businesses’ Call Center services with authenticated and encrypted connections to ensure safety and security. At the same time, this Callbot has a strict decentralized mechanism to help the system operate under control and stability.

The product has been successfully used inside Viettel and started commercializing from Q2 / 2020. With the benefits that Viettel Cyber ​​Callbot brings, it is promising that this will be a widely deployed trend from 2020, applied in industries such as tourism, food, telecommunications, banking, healthcare, commerce. electronics … Notably, this is also a product in the Top 10 Sao Khue 2020.

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